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    CommTech Stormtroopers

    I'm in the process of building a diorama with these and I'm glad to have found them in great numbers during the TRU sale of $1.97 each. I did leave quite a bunch during those sales and in fact met other collectors in the process. Were you able to get your hands on these too? If you did, how many did you get and are they all out in the open?
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    My TRU had these things the weekend of the 2 for $3.00 sale! They had great numbers of them, about 4 large bins filled with the CT Vader/Stormtrooper wave. Oddly enough, NO R2-D2 with holo Leia?!?!

    The down side was that most of the cards were in bad shape. The up side was that I managed to get a bunch for my loose collection. I currently have around 20 loose CT Stormies.

    When I left they had LOTS and LOTS of the little guys! Strangely enough they had sold out of them 2 days later?!?!

    Go figure!

    Anyway, these are great for dioramas.

    BTW, I have yet to see ANY of the Troopers sit on the pegs for very long! Except maybe the deluxe Snowtrooper.
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    I unfortunately never got in on that particular sale. I got my first couple at full price, but then when they marked them down, I got to the store late and found nothing but vaders.

    A clerk said that about 10 or so collectors came in and bought all of the CT Stormtroopers.

    Alas, no mass quantities of Stormtroopers, for me...
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    I was able to get ahold of 30 of the CTC Stormies when they were on clearance. Hey, I know it was greedy but I had just gotten back from Korea and endured a year long drought of Star Wars toys. I figured I owed it to myself to get these figures.

    Of course, a few months later I traded all but two of them for some Vintage Star Wars toys. I haven't started to regret it yet but I am expecting to at any minute.
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    I picked up one vader and one stormtrooper. I already had one of each, but the commtech chips were HB. The ones on clearance were WB, so I guess I was lucky to get the variations.
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    I've got around 30 that I have bought at trade shows I would like more though...
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    I don't know why but I can never find bargains like that at TRU. Now K-B is a different story.

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    About 10

    The largest number I found at one time was about eight. I only bought about six or seven.

    In all, I had about 10 commtech stormies. I used some of the extras as trade material. I still like the original one better. More fearsome, I think.

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    Unhappy zero...

    I would be a very happy person if I even had ONE!!!!
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    I actually found two at a Wal-Mart, one to open one to keep in packaging, loooong before the TRS thing. And yet when they hit the TRS I didn't buy a single one. Wish I had, but I thought I didn't need anymore stormies.

    So before long I opened up my second stormtrooper. So I have two, count em', two out of package. Fun ain't they?
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