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    Unhappy Jedi Knight Problem...

    When I start up Jedi Knight (DF2) on my windows XP machine, I am always staring at the floor, I can pitch up, but it immediately goes right back to the floor...
    Has anyone heard or or had this problem?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    If you're using a joystick, it's the problem. Recalibrate your joystick in Windows then try again. To see if it is the problem, try disabling it in JK and see if you stop staring at your non existant feet.

    Also make sure you have the compatability mode set up correctly just for good measure.

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    Thanks for your help, that worked!
    I wonder why the controller won't work with this game, I'm using a MS Sidewinder. I used this same controller years ago when I was using win98...
    Thanks for your help!


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