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Thread: Ships we NEED!

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    Exclamation Ships we NEED!

    Who agrees with me that hasbro should stop makeing repaints of ships he have and start on the ones we need.
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    I am happy with the way things are progressing so far.
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    I'm happy as well, especially with all the cool stuff we got in 2002 and the news for whats ahead in 2003. Keep up the good work Hasbro, we just need the AT-TE and Twin Pod Cloud Car and I'll be insane with pleasure for next year.

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    Definately the AT-TE!
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    Coruscant air taxi, Coruscant airbus, Coruscant speeders, Neimoidian shuttle, Valorums shuttle, Naboo port air taxi, small yellow skyhopper speeder from lars garage, rebel transport, Naboo royal yacht, Naboo water gondola speeder, gasganos pod, Ody Mandrells pod, Teemto Pagalies pod, RIC-920 with rickshaw speeder, Imperial landing craft, A1 deluxe floater, void spider speeder, Z001-9000 speeder, V-35 landspeeder, rebel hangar transport barge, Echo base troop transport barge, Twin pod cloud car, MTT, Battle droid rack transport barge, Jabba's sail barge, Sith infiltrator, Gungan bongo sub, need I go on.....

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    Oh yeah I"m glade too,but after so many jedi starfighters you gota draw the line some where.
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    I dunno, I can put up with a few re-releases if at the same time we're getting new stuff too. If the rumors are right about some of the newer stuff like the Geo fighter and hailfire droid that's okay, if the new ships get put on hold so some re-issue can take its place then i disagree with that motivation. I persoanlly would buy the same ship if it had a different paint job because it saves me the hassle of doing it myself. If i end up getting les with the second version I.E. no electronics then I wuldn't buy the re-release unless it came with accessories that were cool. But over all I can't see any ship i don't want apeart from another outing for Jango's Slave-1 with just a Jango packed in. But there were many who never bought that ship because they thought the lack of figure made it too expensive. So for those people to get a chance to get what they wanted sort of I think is a good thing. I'll be waiting for the ESB paint job on Slave-1 myself. The Jedi starfighter as will be seen in the DVD deleted scenes was originally intended to be seen in a hangar full of them. Buying multiple starfighters will be on some peoples lists and others want the hyperdrive ring. The smart thing to do would be release the ring seperately but the business oriented thing to do is release the starfighter with the ring so you shift all the old stock out of the warehouse. If the starfighter comes with the ring I'll buy it. Mostly what i think gHasbro is trying to do is one shift all their stock, two, get the stock out to everyone who wants it if they can. and three try to attract the fans who only came in at TPM and missed the whole POTF2 thing.
    But at the end of the day, like I said, the old ships re-released is only a good thing if it coincides with the release of new vehicles too. Man cannot live on re-issue alone. If there is one vehicle I want to see this year it's the V-35 landspeeder The white and yellow version seen in Mos Eisley. The reason i say that is that if you're a customiser it's easy to paint over white with black but not so easy to paint over black with white. The action fleet version that's just been released is the version we see in the lars garage and its black. Not that one Hasbro, White with yellow paint deco please.

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    I would really like to see the standard TIE Fighter re-issued. And we still need a Sith Infiltrator and a Solar Sailor.

    I really like the way the ships are coming so far.
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