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    Gundam and LOTR?

    Well, X-Mas is almost here, so I must decide what should be on my list to good ol' Saint Nick. Now, I am both a Gundam and Lord of the Rings fan, so since these licenses have some titles out, I need some opinions. The titles I'm talking about are Gundam: Zeon vs Federation and the Two Towers. First off is Gundam: how many different Gundams can you pilot throughout the game? How many different attacks do they have? How long will it take to 100% the game?
    Secondly is LOTR: are there any secret characters in the game and if so, who are they? What bonus stuff is included in the game (videos, behind the scenes, artwork, etc)? How long will it take to 100% the game?
    So, I'm pretty much asking whether these games are worth purchasing or not. Thanks.
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    As both a Gundam fan and LOTR fanatic, I must say for my recomendation: "Two Towers!!!" The game is fantastic.

    You play as Aarogorn, Gimli, or Legolas in each level. Or you can play as the secret character Isuilder (who you play as in the first level.) It follows FOTR and TT pretty closely to the films. The game style plays similar to Dynasty Warriors if you've ever played those games. The cut scenes are actual clips from the films, FOTR and TT. The graphics are incredible in game as well.

    So get TT for PS2, you won't be disappointed if your a LOTR fan.
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