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    Silver R2-D2 Release Details

    No rumors here... here is the lastest news we posted regarding this figure. Check it out.
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    SWEET, you can get it online!

    Thanks for the news Steve.

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    So November 3rd is the day we go to the store? OK, I'll be there. Thanks.

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    That would be sweet if we can get it on the 3rd!!

    I really don't think I have the patience to sit outside on Black Friday with mobs of mothers trying to get in the store. Anyone think trying to fight for figures with collectors is tough try a mob of mothers

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    Where do those warehouse numbers listed represent? What part of the country? Thanks!
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    Thanks Sir Steve!! I wonder though, if the R2 will be a set amount online or the page it's on will say "only with 20 dollars or more purchase of SW items" but this'll make things ALOT easier. sweet deal!!!
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    Thanks for the info!
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    Yay, thanks Sirsteve!
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    Man, now everyone knows hehe
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    Looks like there will be enough for everyone. With an average of about 60,000 shipping at $20.00 a purchase that means TRU would make about $1,200,000 if they moved all of them. Of course I'm sure employees will be snagging a few without making the purchase and dealers and friends of TRU employees will also obtain them without making the $20 purchase. They will probably also have enough left where eventually the managers of different stores will eventually put them on the floor for sale.

    A similiar event occured years ago with an X-men "MOJO" figure. Same deal, you had to spend $20 in X-men merchandise at TRU to get the figure. At first people went nuts and made their purchases. Then alot of people returned the purchases and kept the figure. Eventually, TRU had so much extra stock of these figures that they put them on the floor. Then they still weren't moving so TRU blew them out for about $2.00 each.


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