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    Great pic, stillakid.

    When I was a kid I went as Admiral Ackbar one year - the store costume with a vinyl suit and plastic mask with eyeholes where his nostrils are. Damn I wish I had a pic of that year!
    I fell off a porch while trick or treating and tore it up . . . the only time I wore it.

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    looks great jedihunter !
    I wish I had the time and patience to do a pumpkin like that
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    I won't be dressing up as a character for halloween. Part of the reason being that I don't have a costume, but mainly because halloween isn't as big over here as it is in America, etc. If I dressed up people would look at me and think "what a t*t" !

    I don't like sitting in waiting for trick or treaters to knock so I will probably be going out to the pictures or something . But when I am in for Trick or Treaters I usualy hollow out two pumpkins, fill one with slime and the other with "candy". I then tell the trick or treaters to take a guess and stick their hands in one. They either get some "candy" or a hand full of slime !!!

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    I don't get much from dressing up as SW characters anymore.

    I did dress up for Hallowe'en though. It is a fantastic holiday and I had so much fun. I wish we did it back home in Australia.
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