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    Question ESB Infinities #3

    Does anyone know when the next Infinities will be out? The darkhorse site says last Wednesday but it wasn't at my local stores. Any ideas?

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    Check Diamond Comics website. They are the distributors and have updated lists for the next two weeks. It should be listed in there somewhere.
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    It was published here in the UK today - I went to the Forbidden Planet shop in London and read it cover-to-cover. Not bad.
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    Thanks. It was at my comic shop yesterday. I guess it just came out a week later. Very strange how different things turn out when one event is changed. Cool story idea.

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    Originally posted by Darth Banky
    Very strange how different things turn out when one event is changed.

    Yeah, one small, insignificant event.... Like Luke getting torn up by two wampas and dying on Hoth.
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    I never said it was a "small" event, just an event.

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    This is definitely a cool comic. Can't wait to see what ROTJ Infinities will look like.
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    This series is definitely bizarre, but very interesting. I'm also psyched for ROTJ
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    I was a little let-down with how ESB Infinities ended, at least compared to how ANH Infinities ended. Any thoughts?

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    I looked through #4 in a Waldenbooks, and it looked far too rushed.

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