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    Jedi Master Guyute - I know my opinion is not the popular one. But I absolutely detest gimmicks like sword slashing action, arrow shooting action, light up action, or any of that stuff that necessitates an unsightly button or lever or copper contacts sticking out of a staff and takes away from the articulation in any way.

    All I want in a figure is:

    1) An acurate and detailed sculpt.
    2) An acurate and quality paint job.
    3) Accessories that retain their shape.
    4) Articulation that allows me to pose them in more than one good pose.

    The Easterling is just about as close as I have seen to my idea of he perfect action figure.

    The super poeable Spider-Mans are about THE best there have ever been (along with the other ones in those Toy Biz lines that have 32 points of articulation).
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    Darth Cruel, it sounds like the perfect toys for you are the new Marvel Legends line. Amazing articulation and scuplts with no gimmicks. Awesome Awesome toys.
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    Darth Cruel- Ah, ok, i see your point. I think it was just pure impulse i got into the LOTR figures. I hadn't read the books nor seen the movie when i found the first few, but I was really impressed. To each their own!!

    And I agree about the Spidey figure. I had a spider-man animated series figure back in like 94 that was soooo articulated it was crazy!!! those figures ruled!
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    Yeah - If the characters in the Marvel Legends line held the same sentimental value for me that the characters from LOTR and Star Wars do, it may well be the only line I ever collected. It would be nice to see them do The Micronauts in that line, but I know Palisades would have a thing or two to say about that and they weren't really legendary characters for Marvel either. I WILL buy Beta Ray Bill when he comes out in that line.
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    Yeah, the FOTR figs were pretty decent, but the TT Figs are outstanding! Especially the Legolas, Roharrim Soldier, and Theoden. Wormtounge is excellent as well.

    I have yet to see Gandalf with Shadowfax, but I want that the most.

    I don't mind them re-releasing stuff like the Aarogorn, or Ringwraith w/ Horse. I know people who couldn't find the Aarogorn the first time around and can now pick him up. And you can never have too many ringwraiths! (Well, I guess all you would ever really want is 9, but that's still a lot.)
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