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    Ephant Mon....Any day now!!!

    I was just at the mall and stopped into Kay-Bee. The girl behind the counter was pricing cases of SW figs. I asked her if I could look in the cases. She was about to show me them, when a clerk intercepted her and asked what fig. I was looking for.
    I told him "Ephant Mon" and he said they just sold out about a half hour before I got there. He confirmed there was only two in a case. Who knows, maybe he was telling the truth, maybe they were in the cases that he blocked me from viewing, maybe they sold out because all the guys who work there collect these things and picked them clean before they hit the floor.

    I believe he was being honest.

    The point is moot. The real issue is that Ephant Mon is finally hitting the retail stores. Kay-Bee always gets them a few weeks before TRU since Hasbro ships directly to them, so it's just a matter of time before they hit. Just wanted to let everyone know to keep their eyes peeled.

    If anyone picks up an extra, let me know, maybe I have something we can trade.

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    He's been found in Southern Ca, so There out there.
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    I got mine in the mail the other day (as part of a trade with Brian's Toys). They are sold out last I checked, but the one I got had the Japanese sticker on the back, so I assume BT got them from overseas. Anyways, you guys won't be disappointed when you get him, he is incredible. Hopefully I will be able to pick up one extra to keep carded when he makes it to the Wal-Mart here.

    I really hope that this figure continues to sell out everywhere, since it will let Hasbro know that there is a market out there for the big ugly aliens. If Ephant Mon is successful enough, we might just see announcements for Hermi Odle and Yarna D'al Gargan before the year is out. Here's to wishful thinking.
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    I got him at KB Toys today. He is so worth it! Possibly the best figure of the Year!

    BigBarada covered a great review of him and besides - I don't want to write more, I want to go play with my new Jabba-Pal!

    But KB's customer service is excellent. They brought out a new case from the back and opened it for me. I shouted out loud for joy when I saw the huge blister cards crammed in there: larger than 3 of any other figure comparatively!

    It looked like:

    2 Ephont Mons
    2 Lott Dodds
    2 Tuskens w. Massifs
    1 Teemto Pegules
    1 Ki-Adi Mundi
    1 Watto
    1 Endor Soldier (Clean Shaven)

    I think there were only 10 figures in this case because of the sheer size of Ephont Mon.

    I don't know. I bought both of them! I'm about to go open one of mine for the first time and place him in my Jabba's Palace diorama! I don't even know what the 2nd one is for: I don't keep carded figures, but this one I just might have to!

    Now, less articulately, I'll describe Ephont Mon:


    Keep repeating the above sentence every time you look at your figure once you have him!
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    I have been searching, but nothing yet. I hope it will be soon, because he seems like to be the coolest figure to come out in a while.
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    with only two to a case, do you guys think that will be enough? the last fan choices were readily available and easy to find. i know its early days but i hope he will be in sufficent numbers so that we all get a good chance of finding him. since this figures will be very much in demand, being a fan choice. i hope hasbro have taken this in to consideration

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    They'll probably ship Ephant Mon with several different assortments, like they did with Ellors Madak, I think.

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    Had mine for 3 weeks, and i am still amazed at the size and weight of it, makes you wonder how you pay the same as you do for Taun We.....Ephant Mon is a lot for your money

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    There is no doubt that it is one of hasbro's finest figures ever!

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