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    Top Costumes

    I didnt think this fit with Caesars it goes I was actually suprised with the results(found in my local newspaper).

    Top 10 Costumes
    For Men,Women,Boys&Girls

    1-Starwars(Anakin and Padme)
    2-Scooby-Doo(Scooby,Shaggy,&All the Gang)
    4-Lilo and All Disney Princesses
    5-Bob the Builder
    6-Austin Powers(Also Foxxy Cleopatra)
    7-Spongebob Squarepants
    8-Harry Potter
    10-Classic Monsters w/ Goth Touches
    I thought Spider-man would have came in first considering the popularity of the movie.Mabye kids have already moved onto the next fad?
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    I don't see Jar Jar ANYWHERE on that list.... what, I'm the only one dressing as Jar Jar AGAIN this year??? ARRRRRGHHH... it's not WORKING as I planned....
    Seriously, I'm quite surprised that SW characters are on the list at all, never mind at the top... when clones came out, it seemed like 90% of everyone (maybe even more) could have cared less...
    I'm gonna keep an eye out thursday, maybe keep a list... Last haloween, a sorta chubby little fellow came to our door dressed as what I thought to be harry potter, with glasses and a little rope belt and a sword, basically a fantasy costume.. my girlfriend asked if he was supposed to be the harry one, and the kid seemed a bit miffed, responding "no, duh, I'm a HOBBIT!!!"
    I thought that was pretty cool, since the film hadn't even come out yet, or even really been pushed TOO hard by that point....
    Something about him reminds me of my older brother, Rex.

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    Traumatic grade school moment #78 - wearing my homemade Chewbacca costume to school and winning a prize as...."Jim Reason, the Teddy Bear!". How embarrassing. How em bar as sing.......

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    My brother and his girlfriend decided to dress up this year for Halloween. My brother bought a wizard's costume and is going as Gandalf. The thing though is his girlfriend. She is dressing up as Queen Amidala, the Padme in chains outfit from EpII. She is a Star Wars fan, but not a real big one. It was very surprising to see her pick that costume.

    As far as embarassing Halloween moments, I remember when I dressed up as a Pirate one year in 6th grade, but since I wear glasses, a couple people thought I was Waldo from "Where's Waldo?" I felt like an even bigger dork.
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