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    Treehouse of Horror

    Okay, Halloween is comeing up, so I thought I'd ask: "What is your favorite Treehouse of Horror skit?"

    My favorite comes from ToH2-"The Raven" It had an excellent reading of The Raven by James Earl Jones himself, attached to an excellent, funny and spooky interpretation of the words by Bart, Homer, and Marge. I always get chills when I watch this one, and I am always amazed at the creativity in the production of it.

    What is your favorite?
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    Treehouse of Horror 3, Episode: Dial Z For Zombies.
    I really liked this part of it

    Lisa: Dad, we did something very bad!
    Homer: Did you wreck the car?
    Bart: No!
    Homer: Did you raise the dead?
    Lisa: Yes!
    Homer: But the car's okay?
    Bart and Lisa: Uh huh.
    Homer: All right then.
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    I can't remember which episode it was, but "the Shinning" skit had me rolling.

    Homer: "No beer and no TV make Homer something something."
    Marge: "Go crazy?"
    Homer: "Don't mind if I do!!!!"
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    Speaking of which, have at look at what we UK residents have got

    Ner ner.
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    I can't remember which one it's from, I think it was III, but the one with the evil Krusty Doll was funny.
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    Originally posted by Jek Porky 2002
    I can't remember which one it's from, I think it was III, but the one with the evil Krusty Doll was funny.
    Jek, my friend, I haven't seen you post in a while. Good to see you're still around.

    Is the one you're talking about where Krusty ends up moving into the Malibu Stacey house? That one was pretty good.
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    Kudos and Kang, without doubt.

    I'm undecided on whether it is where they become replicas of Bob Dole and Bill Clinton and try to win the presidential election, or where the two of them abduct the whole family for a feast on their planet (the more spacedust one) or alternatively the one where the show ends with the two of them asking when the call to appear in the show will come.

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    I kinda like "Bad Dream House" from THOH1 where the haunted house tries to drive the family mad but eventually can't stand them and kills itself rather than spend a lifetime with them.

    Also, in THOH5 (the same one as "The Shinning" which was funny right up until the end which killed it IMO), I liked the very un-halloweeny "Time and Punishment" where Homer goes back in time and changes the present over and over. I especially like the rich version of his life where Homer has everything but the family doesn't know what donuts are, so he leaves and right afterwards, Marge exclaims "hmm, it's raining again" and it starts raining donuts.

    Another non-halloweenesque ep in THOH6 was one of my faves, "Homer³". A great play on a classic Twilight Zone ep, 3d Homer was too much, and the ending made perfect sense.
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    I loved the 3-D Homer one. That was great!!! Here is my list:

    1. Y2K- Where Homer doesn't Y2K comply the plant and everything goes haywire. Lisa and Marge (with maggie) get a plane to fly to Mars to start a new civilization. Bart and Homer sneak aboard a plane, but it's full of crappy movie stars and is crashing into the sun.
    2. Can't get enough of that sugar crisp!! "homer, did you put the fog lights in?" Cause i forgot to put the fog lights in! - Where Flan-diddily-ders is a werewolf. That one is great.
    3. The one with the Harry Potter reference. Ned says, "Then they went to Hell. Just like Harry Potter and all his friends did for practicing witchcraft!" "yay!!!"

    I can't wait for the new THOH. now that baseball is over, we can go back to Simpsons every sunday! wooohoo!!! (that is unless football doesn't mess with it...grrrrrrrrrr)
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    I love the one where homer travels in time
    "The Shinning" and "Dial Z for Zombies" are great too
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