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    Why all the AOL animosity?

    I am curious as to why there is so much animosity toward AOL. What is it about the service that makes people hate it so much. I have been an AOL user for...welll... a heck of a long time (7 or 8 years). And other than the problems with signing on five years ago, I have had no problems with the service.

    I realize that other services are cheaper. But when I watch their commercials, I don't see them bragging up any services that are better than AOL. They all just brag about lower prices.

    Can somebody fill me in on what the other ISPs offer that is so much better than AOL? If there are better ones...I will be happy to change. In fact the only reason I keep AOL over cheaper services is that I simply like the interface better. I don't really see any difference other than that.

    I am curious, though, that if there are other ISPs that are so much better, why are there still so many people using AOL?
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    Because AOL is extremely, well... idiot "friendly" and advertises like crazy.

    There have been many known problems with the internet and its servers, though by far AOL has been the worst. Not only are there problems with the service, software, and rules, but there are many legal issues which they have been facing, that they have not done anything about. AOL's sign-up kit claims that they are the fastest, easiest, most reliable Internet service out there, but as most of AOL's members have noticed, not much of this is true.

    Though AOL may be the top selling, and most used internet server, it has the poorest service. The first major problem with America Online, is connecting to the service. Last fall, AOL came out with an unlimited usage pricing plan. In most cases, this would be a good thing for the users and the internet server, but AOL was unprepared for the masses of people which were expected, and could not supply enough modems. This problem causes paying customers to call AOL multiple times, and repeatedly receive a busy signal. Even if these users are able to "log-on" to America Online, the service is slow and often fails to respond due to the mass amounts of people that are using the service.

    Sometimes, if the user is lucky they will not be disconnected, but they will still have to put up with slow service, and a web browser that rarely works. These problems cause even more due to the fact that it takes so long to connect to the service. After a user spends an hour trying to get onto the service, once they are connected, they are afraid to disconnect from the server, and this creates busy signals for even more customers. Basically, America Online has created problems that they cannot handle, and are paying for it.

    And the software, oh gah... it's.... it's horrible. Absolutely horrible.

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    I'm still at a loss. Most of the things you mentioned are generalities. What problems with the software? Service? Rules? Legal issues that they are not addressing?

    EVERYBODY claims to have the fastest, easiest, most reliable service. That's what advertising is all about. And I have been on the unlimited use pricing plan three years...and I have had no problems with it.

    This is the reason I have not switched. Everyone complains, but nobody complains about an addressable problem.

    This reminds me of the animosity toward Packard-Bell computers. Everyone complained about the components being integrated onto the motherboard claiming it made upgrading harder when, in fact, it was easier because instead of having to remove a component and install the new one to upgrade it, all you had to do was install the new one and switch a jumper. Now MOST of the big name computers integrate components and nobody notices.

    And what is wrong with being "idiot friendly" I thought that ease of use was the goal. Seems to me, that would be the strongest selling point. The most intelligent people in the world understand the importance of simplicity (if that is what you mean).

    The one thing you touched on in detail...the log-on problem...was solved 5 years ago. At least, I have not had or heard of problems with it since then.
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    AOL is allright. I have it myself, and it has some cool features (like free websites, multiple screennames etc.). I can't stand the fact that new versions come out almost twice a year, and there was no difference between 6.0 and 7.0, except for the radio which I never use. I have yet to get 8.0, but will soon just to be up-to-date.
    The commercials are hilarious, while it's not intended. Everyone is a zombie when they talk about AOL, and they hardly ever list the benefits of it over other ISPs. I also get a kick out of when they say, "There's never been a better time to join," which they've been saying forever, and how MSN says "There's never been a better time to switch from AOL." Ha!
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    AOL is very user friendly but in my area when I had it I got booted right and left and it was so freaking hard to connect that you could hit the connect button go take a shower, clean your house run to the store and still not be connected. Most folks here had that problem. I like windows better personally...and I like my cable modem. Looking back AOL seems like it was made for first time PC users or kids...thats merely my opinion. I do like the IM but you can have that w/o being an AOL user. BUT! Everyone has an opinion on everything..if you like it stay with it..dont fix whats not broken
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    I used to have AOL, but two simple words caused me to get rid of it- HIDDEN CHARGES!
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    HBH - What hidden charges are they nailing you with? I pay a flat rate of 21.95 a month plus 30.00 for DSL. I don't find any other charges ever.
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    Why on earth do you pay for AOL if you have DSL??????

    I quit using AOL when they double charged me for a month, and wouldn't refund the difference.

    Also, Their connection rates are very slow.

    AOL is fine if you like the chatroom, etc.....but if you don't use those, AOL is pointless.
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    Originally posted by Darth Cruel
    HBH - What hidden charges are they nailing you with? I pay a flat rate of 21.95 a month plus 30.00 for DSL. I don't find any other charges ever.
    1- AOL billed us for the first "FREE" month
    2- they charged us extra for using the chat rooms
    3- after terminating our account three months ago, AOL continued to bill us

    Besides the hidden charges, there was also the lowsy service- busy signals when signing on, consecutive disconnections, countless uneccessary junk mail, and the inability to access certain sites (even though my AOL screen name was registered in the 18+ category).
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    I think AOL is great for beginners, I used it to get my mom and my mother-in-law used to the internet. It is really user-friendly for older people.

    I have used aol for 6 years now with no problems.

    Darth Cruel, did you know that since you have DSL, you can switch to the 'bring your own access' service for only $14.95 per month?



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