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    Originally posted by getoninja
    dude,,,,,,all stock. I got some mad modeling skills, all I need now is to get a leia boussh and one of them cy-girl bodies,,I'd be set.

    is there anymore pics of the "artist" bouush leia. or is there anymore pics or sites with more custom 12inch starwars???
    a cy girl body won't work with a hasbro head. the neck attachments are different. modifications would have to be made to the body and/or the head, which may render both useless if not done properly.(i know, i ruined some) use hasbro's GI Jane body instead.

    as for more of tony's work visit:
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    u guys are gods.,.,..,. thx.

    gi jane,,coolzo.

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    single-boxed Slave Leia appears to have more-feminine shoulders than the 2pack version and a less cutey-pie torso (the collarbone is higher and more accurately-shaped IMO).

    That repainted Leia Boushh by Tony DiTerlizzi looks fantastic, and proves just how bad the Hasbro paint apps really are if that is the same head. Comparing the upcoming figure to this custom shows the following head differences:
    - Hasbro shamefully shapes the hair in a generic style that doesn't fit the face, Tony reshapes the hairstyle to properly reflect the movie version of the coif;
    - Skin tones are totally different;
    - Hasbro's shameful Barbie-esque eyes say "I'm a zombie who likes to shop for pretty things and has nothing else on my mind, tee hee" while Tony's eyes are painted to accurately portray Carrie Fisher's eeys from the film including all the vital lines and subtlties, even the eyebrows have the right shape about them.
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    I can't wait to get this figure! I missed out on the KB three-pack a couple of years ago and have been waiting for the single release.


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