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    TRU exclusive 12in. Leia as Boussh pics.

    link removed

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    link isn't working

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    They're page is down I guess.

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    did you save the photo to your hard drive?
    did it have her helmet off?

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    Yeah her helmet was off, there were a couple of pics like 4 or 5 I believe.

    Sorry didn't save the pics to my hard drive.

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    so, new head? or old re-hash from the 3 pack?
    remember, first rule of fight club is to save everything to your hard drive.

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    I don't have the old one, but by going by a pic I believe it's a new head, but I'm not sure.

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    here's the old one:

    i've seen mock up photos of the new one, but with the helmet on.

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    I don't remember the details on the old one as mine has been in storage almost since I got it. But I saw pics (sorry no attachment) that leave me disappointed for now. I hope they were bad pics.
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    Nevermind, now that won't work. It only works if I restart my computer. I tried attaching a pic but it said it was to big


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