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    Haves and Wants...Take a look!!!


    Dexter with insert and 'pipe' on text
    Geonosian Warrior with insert
    Battle Droid with insert
    Padme with insert
    Count Dooku
    Darth Maul (new)
    Lott Dodd
    Massiff w/Warrior
    Tusken Raider w/Massiff
    Emphant Mon

    (Plus tons of E1, GC, OC, etc...just e-mail with wants)


    (all U.S. unless noted)
    Potj Maul Sith Apprentice .0100
    Potj Vader Dagobah (with Luke sticker) Canadian
    Potj Qui-Gon Jinn Armor .0300
    Potj Scout Trooper .0300
    Potj Battle Droid Security .0400
    Potj Fode and Beed .0400
    Potj Mas Amedda .0400
    Potj r2-Q5 .0300
    Saga Kit Fisto with lightsaber in own tray (saber NOT going through hole in bubble)
    Saga Luminara with "removable cloak" shown on insert
    Saga Padme Pilot with sticker on back of bio
    Saga Royal Guard without separate bubble piece for force pike tip
    Saga Clone Pilot
    Saga Fett Pilot
    Saga Dexter without insert, with 'pipe' on insert
    Saga Anakin Hanger & Yoda without 'TM' by lightsaber on insert
    Saga Boba Fett & Typho without insert numbers on insert
    CTC Greedo with yellow pins
    FF Piett with 'Baton' sticker
    FF R2 with 'Imperial' on slide


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    hey, I have a new coll 1case coming in a few weeks, in it I should have an extra jango pilot and anakin hanger (i'm not sure if anakin is w/ or w/out TM-) if you want, I can hold these for you when the case comes in. just lmk. i could sell directly at cost to me (about 5.50@ + shipping) i'd have to check on what i need for a trade.


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