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    McQuarrie SketchTrooper - We May See It Soon

    Someone sent the news into, that Hasbro's Star Wars site has pages ready to showcase the upcoming Imperial SketchTrooper. No pictures there yet, but the pages are ready for them to be dropped in. So it could be any day now. The three pages are labeled, "McQuarrie Stormtrooper - Before and After", "McQuarrie Stormtrooper - Sculpt", and "McQuarrie Stormtrooper - Painting".

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    Yeah I noticed that too. Knowing Hasbro, its going to take them a year to get that picture up after they made the page. For crying out loud, they still haven't posted the pictures of the new figures they said were "Coming Soon". I think soon has come and gone, a long long time ago.
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    They never said they were going to show all the 2003 figure pictures. They only mostly showed the ones for January. Rember that they had the loose shots up for "Yoda: High Jedi Council" long before we even knew it was coming. Some of the figures they want to wait a bit, before showing us more.

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    Of course they had loose shots up of the new Yoda because all they had to do was go get the old EPI one, and take a picture of it.

    But anyway, back to the subject...

    I sure hope this Stormtrooper is good. It better not be just a commtech with a lightsaber. For a Fan's Choice figure, I want a new scuplt, a unique lightsaber (differant color, cool hilt), and some other never-seen-before accessory.
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    How about a never before seen character that was actually in the movies?

    I still think that last fan poll was a sham.

    Still, it will be interesting to see how long it takes to churn this thing out.
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    I can't wait to get this one so I can file it next to such other great concepts such as the EU AirSpeeder, Deluxe Smuggling Han, and Cold Adventure Obi Wan.

    I agree with Sidiously Darth on this one, how it won, I'll never know. I suppose I'm just a sore loser since I wanted my Imperial Dignitary.

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    I'm was incredibly disapointed it won also. Especially considering that two of the figures that lost, constantly appear on fan's most wanted lists. I haven't seen to many SketchTroopers on them. But looking at the artwork it's going to be based on, I may be able to live with it.

    I've been wanting a movie accurate Imperial SpaceTrooper. And the piece of art that McQuarrie did, looks exactly like that trooper from ANH. So I am hoping that I will be able to get another extremly obscure figure for my collection. I'll just ditch the EU shield and crappy lightsaber to my parts box.

    I would have preferred the Imperial Dignitary or even General Carlist Rieeken, but I will accept the Imperial SketchTrooper if it looks like the Imperial SpaceTrooper. Besides, the losers have a strange way of getting made anyway, if they do well in the poll.

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    I'm definitely taking a 'wait and see' approach to this figure. I haven't ruled it out completely, but am not exactly on the edge of my seat waiting for it. Chances are about 95% that I will not buy it.
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    I fail to see how they could re-use any parts and call it a new figure. Surely this one will be a one pose wonder, posed just as he is in the artwork with little use at all besides completists displays. No use releasing a trooper if you can't build a mini army of them should you want to. That's why the neutral poses work better Hasbro, Neutral poses with articulation. Simple solutions for a better way of collecting. Shove the super poses on the unleashed - 'things'...

    I'm interested to see how they do this figure, I won't be shy and admit that I'm ready to be surprised, but not expecting to be.

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    I can't get the pages to display any of the pictures...
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