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Thread: 12" Dengar

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    12" Dengar

    i just got dengar today, and i'm very pleased with this figure.

    the head sculpt is excellent, just like the prototype photos we've seen. the head bandage is molded plastic instead of cloth, but works very well, and has a weathered look to it.

    the body is the older style "hall of fame" type body, like the 12" luke with tauntaun recently had. not perfect, but it works well for this figure.

    the armor is also very well done. i'm glad to say it's all new parts, not reused parts from the snowtrooper or stormtrooper. it also looks like hasbro has finally figured out that the thigh armor should be snug, as it fits well, unlike the clone trooper armor.

    the prototype photos we saw of dengar used white armor, painted the correct "rust" color, but appeared to be peeling off. well, don't worry about that here. the armor, as best i can tell is molded in a bronze/rust colored plastic.

    the back pack snaps on and is well detailed.
    my only complaint about this figure is his blaster rifle. it is molded in a light greyish color with a brown stock. a little "weathering" would of realy helped this weapon.

    overall, i think this figure is Bossk quality, an A+ in my book.

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    Sounds Great!! Can't wait to get mine!!!
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    I agree with The True Maul; this baby sounds awesome! I always had a thing for bounty hunters.

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    Got mine in today, and I have to agree with you derek. This is a great looking figure. I had trouble getting the back pack to snap in, and out of the 3 it had the most twisty ties, but the figure is well done.

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    As far as Hasbro 12"ers go, this one is acceptable. The body detailing is pretty good, as is the backpack, and repainted Ig-88 gun. Isn't that the same weapon for 3 of the 12'' bounty hunters now?

    While the face sculpt is great, the paint detailing on it is pure crap. This baby screams for a serious blackwash or some kind of detailing. The scarring is a hideous pink color, wheras the proto pic on the back has a much more reddish, detailed look. This is not the first 12" er to have weirdo paint detailing on the face. It is almost like Hasbro is using a non acrylic paint from the look. Kinda has that washed out look that I despise.

    Because of the lackluster, facial detailing this is not the standout figure in this set, that honor honor goes to Zuckuss, who is truly supurb.

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    Dengar looks great! I think Hasbro rose to the same level as they did with Bossk here...the armor, the weathering, the detailing on the cloth goods, the great looking all comes together to make one imposing figure.

    I do agree with Derek about the could have used a little weathering...but at least it's a hard plastic that fits snugly in Dengar's grip.

    Like I said with the Zuckuss comments, I'm just delighted that Hasbro completed the classic bounty hunters in this scale.....

    I give Dengar ***** or an "A"
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    Twelve inches of Dengar will NEVER compare to nine inches of Man Thing.
    Up, up, and OKAAAAY!!!

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    I think you've been on a boat too long.


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