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    12" Imperial Officer

    the second of the new 12" figures i received today is the imperial officer.

    my favorite thing with this figure is the uniform. mainly the fact that it's the correct shade of gray, compaired to tarkin's uniform, and the sleeves are long enough to cover the wrists. i will be getting at least two more of these figures, one to replace tarkin's ill fitting uniform, and one to use in my general veers hoth custom.

    i don't know if this 3 figure wave is supposed to represent characters from "Empire", but the head on the imperial officer looks a lot like one of the officers on the first death star, not the actor on the box.

    for the 3rd time, hasbro has used one of their newer GI Joe bodies on this figure, as seen earlier with jango fett and count dooku. this figure has the slim arms, like the one with jango.
    thanks hasbro for saving me $7 bucks. (now i don't have to swap out this figure's body)

    the boots are an all new sculpt. a vast improvement over the previous jack-boots used with most of the male figures. however, there is a big problem with these new boots. for some reason they are very sticky. it's almost like they were painted and the paint never properly dried. i've washed them and they are still sticky. i may have to replace these boots with some german boots made by 21st century toys.

    overall, this figure is a huge improvement over the death star trooper. the head is in a proper scale, the uniform fits well, and hasbro used their superior GI Joe body.

    i give this figure a B+. an admiral motti or general veers sculpt would of made it an "A"

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    Yeah I thought it looked like the guy from ANH too, and not the pic on the box. Speaking of the box Hasbro totally gives away the revelation in ESB right on back of the box. A different topic I know so I'll stop there.

    Another funny thing were the hands. I'm guessing those are supposed to be gloves, but you can see fingernails on the hands. Overall an ok figure and glad I got it as an early gift.

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    I noticed that alos about the hand/glove thing. I like the GI Joe hand style.
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    I like this figure....the uniform is excellent and I like the newer style boots. Like Derek, I noticed the sticky feel to 'em but I account that to the materail.
    The box illustration is unfortunate...he is definately modelled after one of the officers in ANH & not ESB....but that's easy to overlook.

    One major complaint I DO have is about the hands.....I'm not so hot on this new grip thing....I can't get the figure to hold the gun w/o one of those nifty clear rubberbands (oh, & the nails ARE kinda odd...)

    I'll give him **** or a "B"


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