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    endor celebration

    wow, i know i always say this, but wow.

    lego captures that scene perfectly. all i can say is borrow a hi res cam and get me some nice big images so i can love it even more.

    i need an ephant mon, who wants to help? :D

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    You're still not satisfied with all the photos? If you're willing to help out in my purchase of a hi-res digital camera, I'm sure gonna take more pictures. Actually due to the night sky lighting effect that I used some of the details didn't show clearly. Like the elevator at the back where an ewok is on it plus the main trunk of the big tree in the center.
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    heh..i'm trying not to complain, i just like hi res for clarity and such.

    things look swell though, i really really like that diorama
    i need an ephant mon, who wants to help? :D

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    AC spends $500 on Lego but won't shell out $89 for a 1.5 megapixel camera.
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