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    Lord of the Rings Figures (Two Towers)...Cheap!

    I hope this doesn't get merged (and the only reason I didn't put it with the other is because I want people to be able to see this), but at my Wal*Mart they have the new LOTR Two Tower figures for $4.
    Apparently they marked down the figures from the first movie and these got marked down with them. My friend, who works at Wal*Mart, pointed it out to me and he's going to let someone know about it tomorrow. I wonder if this is happening anywhere else, but it probably wouldn't be a bad idea to look, if you're into the LOTR.
    I just thought I'd let everyone know.

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    I don't collect the figures for LOTR, but from what I read in a previous post the figures (at least SOME of them) are the EXACT same figures for LOTR and TTT.

    So it makes sense to mark 'em both down.
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    Only a few of the figures are repackaged. Most are very cool NEW figures. And cool figures they are.
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    Over the Thanksgiving Holiday my Walmart had all the Two Towers stuff for $1 a figure!! I just got what I needed, but I was tempted to clean them out.


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