I read on a site somewhere where they interviewed somone who does something with the new cartoon (I know it doesn't sound really reliable, but I'm pretty sure it was, I just can't remember exactly where I read it) that ALL of the old figures were going to be in the new cartoon. It said ALL of them. After reading that, I can't help at hope for ALL of the old figures to be re-made. It would take a few years but it would be awesome. I know that Tri-Klops, Trap-Jaw, Orko, Teela, Whiplash, Faker and Prince Adam are on the way, but I wonder who's next. I'm fairly certain, if the cartoons reveal anything, that Evil-Lyn, Clawful, and Buzz-Off will be among the next ones out in 2003, and King Randor and the Sorceress will probably get made eventually too, but I wonder when the other charactrs will come into the cartoon and get made into figures. Since Sy-Klone and Faker, at least to toyfare, are coming so they'll probably turn up in an episode soon. The figures I really want to see are Fisto and Stridor, Hordak, Modulok, Roboto, Two-Bad, Kobra Kahn, Mantenna, and Moss Man. A Snake Mountain Playset would be awesome too, as would the Fright Zone.