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    Halloween Thread

    Post your pictures of anything Star Wars and Halloween related here. Costumes, pumpkins, whatever...
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    Yoda Pumpkin

    Here is the Yoda pumpkin I carved for Halloween this year. Many people didn't know what the design was supposed to be until I clued them in. The light bulb is a green christmas one and works perfectly with this character. I think the pumpkin's interior shell even resembles Yoda's skin.

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    Yoda Pumpkin

    A larger picture of the Yoda pumpkin...

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    Looks like a cool carving, but for some reason I just can;t see the Yoda design....
    "Roger Nasty Butler!"

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    It's actually a pretty accurate carve of the attached picture. Nice job with the perspective and scale.

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    "Roger Nasty Butler!"

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    yeah, that looks pretty cool IMO
    nice work, really nice
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    That is VERY COOL, Ji'dai!!! that green light really makes the differance!!
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