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    Wink Darth Vader's human side

    Anybody ever wonder about arth ader's human side? We all know he was part man, part machine, so what about the man part? What did he sound like when he laughed, or did he ever tell jokes to the Emperor? How and what did he eat, where did he use the bathroom? Since he was already dressed as he was, what did he usually go as on Halloween? Any body else have any other questions bout good ol Vader?
    Ah, comes the Air Force with those new round planes.

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    Since he's mostly robotic I'd say he most likely didn't require food and thus didn't require a bathroom. Remember in ESB when we see him getting his helmet put on him? He was probably Force meditating to heal himself and/or getting some sort of treatment like bacta.
    I don't realy care 'cause it's a movie. You could ask similar questions about anyboy or anything in Star Wars.

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    IMO. Vader never joked or laughed. If you were a cybernetic depressed and murderous mess who basically lost everything you had to the man you were indentured to, I doubt you would joke around with the guy. Or joke around with anybody else for that matter. Vader got his jollies from force choking imperial lackies. If Vader wasn't on a mission, he secluded himself in his massive iron-lung/meditation chamber.

    He probably didn't eat anything with his mouth. I assume whatever organic material was left was fed intravenously through his suit. His suit also handled waste elimination.


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