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    Only one speaker still though.

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    THE HECK? Oh man, it better be a killer speaker!

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    Heh, that's one thing that hasn't changed. It seems all Game Boys are destined to have one speaker.

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    Originally posted by Boba Rhett
    They wouldn't have been able to pry another 80 bucks out of us. Duh.
    I'm wondering if the word 'Nintendo' is actually Japanese for 'rip off'.

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    I dunno about that screen weight Rhett, we're talking about a bigger LCD AND backlighting system. Mostly though, even if it's lightweight, I kinda picture it flopping forward or back, I'm a real stickler for a balanced controller.

    I honestly don't care at all that it only has 1 speaker, speakers draw a LOT of the power off these things. Backwards-compatability is awesome, but if they start putting out GBA2-only games right away, I think they'll have made a grave error.
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    Not if they continue making GBA games. If not, they will shoot themselves in the head.

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    A picture of the GBA 2 (renamed the GBA SP) is now available.
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    So they decided to lose the X and Y buttons. I'm not sure if the R and L buttons are there or not. But anyway, did they decide that maybe adding the X and Y buttons would detract in some way, perhaps noting that the previous GBA was able to successfully emulate Super Nintendo games without those X and Y buttons. Yeah, well....that's all I have to say about that.
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    Is that the GBA2 or just the GBA SP (GBA special)? It looks just like the GBA with a bigger back-lit display. I bet there still will be a GBA2 with more memory, more buttons, and backlit (oh, and more money).

    I had thought about this, and think they could do a "trick" to make all future GBA games work on both models of the GBA. What you do, is actually make the X and Y buttons on the GBA2 the same as the start and select and GBA. Then games will play on the older GBA as well, the buttons would be more difficult to reach but if used for minor tasks it would at least work. Then you make the GBA2 "Start" and "Select" a button combo on the GBA, such as L+start for start and R+select for select. Then at least you could keep games usable on all systems. Of course certian games would still have to be GBA2 exclusive, such as fighting games or others that would require the A,B,X,Y buttons all readily available. Does this make any since at all? I might be confusing myself.

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    Here ya go:

    "GameSpy serves up the only hands-on preview of Nintendo's freshly announced next-gen Game Boy Advance device, the Game Boy Advance SP. GameSpy details its play session with the new Game Boy Advance device and offers plenty of pictures for those folks looking to skip the pesky words and get right to the heart of the matter. The Game Boy Advance SP will be released in Japan next month, and in the United States in late March. Hit the preview for all the details! "

    Check the link here:

    It will be here March 23 for $99.



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