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    Clone Wars for Xbox on March 25th- Who will be playing on Xbox Live!?

    Star Wars Clone Wars is set for release for Xbox on March 25th- Who will be playing it on Xbox Live!? I plan to get it and play on live. I was just wondering who else might be doing the same so maybe we could all hook up as a SSG team.


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    You know, I don't know anything about this, I am slipping.
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    I'll be getting Xbox Clone Wars, Looks like a great game! Unfortunately I don't have Xbox live though....

    QLD, its a vehicle adventure game (from what I've seen). Looks pretty fun. They already released it for PS2 & GCN.

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    You know what that game is QLD. It was the whole "based on episode 2" thing that kept you from buying it. When does Galaxies hit?
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    Galaxies for PC is supposed to hit on 4/15.

    Vehicle adventure....hmmmm..
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    Humm.. I'm not sure on the Xbox release dates for Galaxies or Knights of the Old Republic. I see conflicting reports, but some look like KOTOR is scheduled for May and the earliest I've seen for Galaxies is September.

    Check this out for Clone Wars Xbox-

    Plus I had posted a thread about it a while ago here:

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    MrMiller. What's the difference between the two? I know one is a MMPOG (er...somthing) Massively Multiplayer Online Game? Is that the new phrase the youngins are using these days? What's the other?
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