That right folks, it appears that Nintendo is going to release the Game Boy Advance 2 in the the near future. Testing appears to have already started at Nintendo's German headquarters. It is going to improve almost everything lacking in the GBA.

It will have a backlit screen, will fold out like a Game & Watch game, have four face and two shoulder buttons (like a Super Nintendo controller), and use an internal slimline battery as its power source (like a cell phone) instead of two AA batteries. The battery is expected to last 10 hours before needing recharging. In addition, it will feature a larger backlit screen than all current backlit models, with a new TFT screen with variable contrast, which is to be manufactored by Sharp.

The GBA2 is also set to recieve an upgrade to its internal architecture, in the shape of a more powerful processor, and the possibility of more onboard RAM.

Nintendo is also exploring the possibility of implementing two other prototypes: a standard two button GBA featuring a backlit screen, and a four button backlit model.

Reports state that it could be available as soon as late November in Japan.