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    Thanks Hasbro (the suck up thread)

    Dear Hasbro,
    Just wanted to say thanks for the Dianoga. I know it's still a long way off being released but the pictures I've seen are just great. It isn't how I'd imagined it ending up but I actually genuinely love it. I love the nod to the vintage version and how it basically takes the same shape but the addition of the bendy tentacle is better than i'd hoped.
    I love how it fits snugly together despite coming in two sections.
    In fact i suppose i want to say thanks for the screen scene sets. I've been banging on for so long about how you should do the trash compactor scene I never thought you'd do it justice like this. The bases are great, the figures of Luke and Han are exeptional (with the exeption of Luke's head which is a little offputting) but the armor not fitting Luke is pretty cool. Hans head looks wicked though. The hair is perfect.
    Chewbacca is great despite not having hip articulation, his fur looks really good. I even like the Leia sculpt. The dirt on her dress is mucho accurate. I really can't fault the sets apart from the hiccup of luke's face looking like a blow up doll. The packaging is cool. The interconnectability is cool. I really do love these sets. Please continue to chuck sets like this out if the quality is going to be this high.
    How about a destruction of Alderaan set with tarkin, Vader and a new death star gunner and death star trooper at their control consoles. A cool way to redo tarkin with better detail and also get new Imperials out. You always have to have the core character right? so that's where Vader fits in. Just a suggestion.
    Thanks again anyway.

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    Yes, I agree with Jargo (Great avatar, by the way), thanks Hasbro. You have really done this scene justice, from what I have seen. I love the Dianoga, it reeks of awesomeness. Plus this gives us a chance to get Han/Luke in ST disguise with better sculpsts, etc. Hasbro is great sometimes. Most of the time, actually. I like Habro, what is so bad about them? They add gimmicks, so what? Have fun with them! Remember everyone, if it wasn't for Hasbro, this hobby we all enjoy might not exist...
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    The Trash Compactor Scene looks great, as well as many of the other preview pics we have seen of the 2003 line. Please keep making sets like these and we will continue to keep the Star Wars line at the top of the Movie Toys.
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    Star Wars toys are always a hit when new ones show up in stores. So thank you Hasbro for making them!
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    This set is truly amazing. I would love to see other sets like this produced. If possible, could we get an entire dianoga. Please.

    I can hope.
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    It looks okay I guess. I would much rather have regular resculpts of Han and Luke stormtroopers. Ones I could actually play with and with this set coming out I can safely assume I will not see any. Oh well. Lifes a *****. Can't always get what ya want.

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    evenflow, we ARE getting an entire dianoga. you need to go check out some more recent pics.

    at any rate, this trash compactor set is indeed pretty spiffy. way better than even the cantina packs -- and i'm seriously a huge fan of those. keep them coming, hasbro.

    also, love the silver artoo. very cool idea.

    and thanks so much for finally giving me a sandcrawler after all these years.

    there, my sucking up is done.

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    I will save my judgement on the new TC sets 'til they are in hand.

    However, my one cent wonder, Silver R2-D2 is in hand, and I do want to say....

    Thank you!
    May the force be with you.

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    Personally, I'll take the screen scene sets anytime over a metallised R2. It didn't take much enginuity to chrome the droid whereas it took many hours of careful skill and craftsmanship to resculpt the figures and make the bases. That's a lot of backache and eyestrain to get these sets looking so damn mighty fine and dandy. For whatever bad things i might say about the Hasbro product I really do appreciate the work the sculptors and designers put into these little figures. I've tried design work and sculpting myself with varying degrees of success so i can appreciate how long it takes to work something out logisticaly and gather the reference pics and fine tune the design, and then get the sculpt right. I can appreciate that what was intended for Luke was a fine idea that somehow just didn't quite work. Perhaps time ran out before he was completely finished. I've looked at certain figures many times and spotted parts that aren't of the same finish as the rest of the figure indicating a hurried completion to meet deadlines or something. It isn't an easy task to miniaturise anything. I appreciate that so when i whine and moan it shouldn't be taken as my gospel opinion. Look how much a whined and moaned about the saga figures yet I bought nearly all of them so far. The only saga figures i don't own are Qui-gon, preview jango and clonetrooper and flipping obi-wan. I still don't like the gimmick features and I still don't like many of the poses but the sculpting leaves me speechless on most of the figures regardless. detail is everything y'see.
    I'm a collector and I get frustrated and this forum is where my frustration is vented. And the main reason I get frustrated is the lack of interaction between the toymakers and us the fans and collectors. I just don't understand the reasoning behind many of the decisions made by 'Hasbro' which lead to product being released in the way that it is. If i had some way of actively communicating with those responsible I could assuage both my frustration and curiosity regarding the production of these little marvels.
    I guess this post isn't so much of a suck up but more of an apology for past behaviour. something I've been thinking about for a long time now. Feeling bad about some of the things I say. I know the heat of the moment is the worst time to pipe up but that's often the only chance I get to say the things I feel. Sorry if I actually hurt any of you hasbro guy's feelings at any time. It's sometimes hard to connect what we say with the fact that there are real people involved in this and you guys have feelings. What we diss is months of your time and energy. your work. I'd be pretty disillusioned if folk did that to me. I'll try to be more circumspect in future. Think before I speak a little more.

    You can tell it's late here, I get very rambling and chaotic when I'm tired. Anyway, just wanted to record all of that before I forgot.
    Thanks for listening to me though.

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    I'd like to thank Hasbro in advance.The 2003 year looks great,from the recent GalacticHunter rumor list.Multi-Packs I am extremly looking foward to the most,especially the Jedi pack with Wookie Jedi!

    I also like the Death Star Trash Compactor set.The Dianoga is awesome,and probably the main reason I'll be picking up this item!
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