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    EpII Federation Tank?!?!?

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    Hmm...Porbably not an AT-TE. AT-TE's are made by the Republic, not the Trade Federation. I also imagined an AT-TE to cost more than that. Hold on, let me check some sources, then I'll hit the EDIT (!) button and tell you what I think it could be...

    Ok, I checked, and there really aren't any ships or attack droids in the Battle of Geonosis that are made by the Federation. I'm thinking it might be from EPI, they just said it was EPII because it was in the same line. Maybe it is one of those troop transports? I guess we'll just have to see. Does anyone have any thoughts?
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    It;s the hailfire droid most probably. And if it's not that it's the Tank droid that was cut from the movie. The tank droid is not really that interesting so i can't see a reason for releasing it since it never did anything unless hasbro already made the sculpt before the movie came out and decided to go with a release anyway. But i would imagine it's more likely to be the hailfire wheel droid. Just named wrong. E-tailers often just cut and paste from suppliers catalogs and if EE use Diamond that would explain why the name is wrong since Diamond haven't got a clue about what it is they actually supply. It's simply about money to Diamond. they don't care much for semantics. When the release date gets closer i bet that listing gets miraculously altered to the correct title of the piece.

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    I'll bet you a buck it's just the trade federation tank from episode I, since they DID use that vehicle in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.
    I'm hoping for the AT-TE myself, or the hailfire droid. Or the Spider Droid :-D
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    It may be the AT-TE, note that it says that it holds 3 action figures. The Hailfire Droid and the Tank Droid that was cut from the movie don't hold figures. The AT-TE is smaller then the Republic Gunship, so $5.00 less then the price of the Gunship is possible. I would be giddy as hell if this is true. We need more information.

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    The Hailfire Droid is listed as the Clan Droid there.

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    May be it should be the Hasbro name for the rehashed Republic Gunship with three clones pilots pack-in (most probably).
    They used to let curious names appear on the upcoming toys listing like "Clone Tank" for the AT-TE (Action Fleet) or "Troop Transport" for the Acclamator class destroyer (Action Fleet wave 3)...
    Note : the pricepoint doesn't match at all with the Gunship... but we will have two Federation dro´d vehicles in the 3,3/4" line (confirmed) : The Homing spider dro´d is one of them.

    With the Geonosian fighter and the "Firewall"/Hailfire wheeling dro´d, what can we expect ???

    JarJarBinks is right : It's probably the AT-TE...

    I remember the Hasbro commercial managers at Celebration 2 saying they will not produce an AT-TE in the near future...
    But we all know the Hasbro employees used to lie to the fans...

    Not really a commercial behavior...
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    I hope I'm right, it seems to fit on all fronts. Slightly cheaper then the Gunship, since it's slightly smaller. Then the 3 figures, that fits with what the Tank would likely be also. 2 Drivers in the cockpit, and then 1 Gunner ontop in the Gunner Seat. May want to stock up on extra CloneTrooper Pilots after all, just for the AT-TE. It's going to be weird that 2003 actually beats 2002 in cool stuff.

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    It's says 3 3/4 figures not 3 figures.

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    I hope the next Gunship will be able to carry the AT-ET, like in the film. It reminds me of those helicopters with the belly of the ship missing for cargo or what not.
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