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    Angry $10 For This?????

    I just got home from TRU, where I found the so-called AF Solar Sailer. All I an say is..........


    I wasted 10 dollar on this piece of garbage??????? This is not Action Fleet. This is absolutly TRASH, not suitable for display along with my AF collection. The only fun any kid would get out of this, is seeing how well it flies into a trash bin. The Sailer is made of a low quility plastic. Very flimsy. And it was problibly made in a hurry.

    I thought the Action Fleet, was called that because of 2 reasons. 1- reason it had a MINI ACTION FIGURE and 2- ACTION FEATURES. The Sailer has neither. Hell, this Sailer isn't even detailed. It's so plain.

    On the back of the box, it shows Dooku exiting the ship from a ramp in the back of the ship. Where is that ramp? Another shot on the back shows the ship landed in the secret hangar on Coruscent. Where are the laning gear??? Oh, yeah. One other thing, where is Dooku's name? Isn't this Dooku's Solar Sailer???

    Answer. No this is not Dooku's ship, his was awesome. This is not. Dooku would have killed the Geonosians if they gave him this ship.

    I feel like I was ripped off. How can Hasbro release such garbage. If they made all there items, like the Sailer. Lucas would have stripped them of the Star Wars licence. I mean it, I was cheated. All Star Wars AF fans were. TRU , or Hasbro should pay me $10 to take this. If the rest of the AF comes like this or as more rehashed ships, like the X-wing, Falcon, and a number of others, that Hasbro only copied from Galoob. The Af will die a quick death. When I first heared they were releaseing a Solar Sailer I thought, it would have a Mini Dooku. And be really nice. I was going to get, at least 2. But, with this I'm sorry I wasted my time and money.

    Hasbro really needs to rethink what theey are doing with the Action Fleet.
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    You know there was only one good thing about me getting the Sailer. And that I got a 25th Silver Anniversary R2-D2.
    "I'm a simple man, trying to make my way in the universe." - Jango Fett


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    I feel the same way. I didn't open it for several days while I mulled over keeping or returning it.

    Not only does it not have the landing features or the figure, the bloody thing is undersized. Also, the detail is minimal. Whereas the ship in the movie has a bulbous rear, Hasbro goes cheap by simulating it with gray paint.

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    Originally posted by Jangu Fett
    You know there was only one good thing about me getting the Sailer. And that I got a 25th Silver Anniversary R2-D2.
    Same here, this one got a grade of "F" from me, it fails to be an Action Fleet vehicle IMO. I'm not angry about it and I did put it with my AF display, but I'm certainly disappointed. If I hadn't gotten that R2 for buying this, I'd be pretty miffed.
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    I planned on buying it as soon as I heard of it's release just because I like the ship so much . . .

    this weekend I saw it at Wal-Mart and I couldn't allow myself to buy it.

    Instead I used the $10 on another Playskool set.

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    Worst. Action Feet. Ever.

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    See I was looking forward to getting the Solar Sailor. It can't be that bad can it?

    Well maybe I'll get one just to get an R2.
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    Definitely the worst Action Fleet ever seen. However the AT-TE is a work of art. Kudos to Hasbro for this one.

    At least AF is back in some form and if the 2003 series do come out they seem to have listened to the fans and we'll get that Star Destroyer and Mon Calamari cruiser at last.

    Now if they'll just get the AT-TE designer to develop all the new ones.

    Love to see AF for non-Star Wars ships too. Ah well, can dream.

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    Originally posted by haggie
    Worst. Action Feet. Ever.
    I take it you never got the Classic waves with the Guppy, The Duck or the cloudcars?

    I'll tell you what my opinion of this AF in 2004 when we get Wave 2 here in the yUK


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    Funny, I was just looking at that one yesterday and considered getting it as my lead in for silver R2. I picked up the Gunship instead.

    Too bad about the quality thing. I fear that AF is the only real hope of seeing this ship made into a toy. As much as I'd like a full sized (3 3/4 scale ) version made, I considered getting this one. Thanks for the heads up. I do believe I'll pass.


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