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    Wow, that was cool. The only commercials that I remember were the ones for the snadcrawler and the landspeeder.
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    I loved the sandcrawler. I never had that as a kid. I'm anxiously awaiting the new release.

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    Ad 01 and Ad 02 are dead links. I'd really like to see that First Commercial if possible. Thanks for offering them!

    The Video Files:
    To download the video right click on the link. Then go to Save Target or Save Link.
    All videos are in the WMV (windows media player format)

    Kenner Commercials
    Ad 01- First Commercial, airing during 1978 CBS Special
    Ad 02- 12inch figure line
    Ad 03- Death Star Playset
    Ad 04- Landspeeder
    Ad 05- Remote R2-D2
    Ad 06- Land of the Jawas
    Ad 07- Dewback
    Ad 08- Series II release
    Ad 09- Darth Vader Tie Fighter
    Ad 10- 12inch figure line (part 2)
    Ad 11- Droid Factory
    Ad 12- Creature Cantina Playset
    Ad 13- Jawa Sandcrawler
    Ad 14- Troop Transporter (talking)
    Ad 15- Action Figure Carrying Case
    Ad 16- 12inch Boba Fett

    Star Wars 1-Trailers
    Coming Soon Trailer
    Award Winning

    Empire Strikes Back: Star Wars 2- Trailers
    Empire Teaser Trailer

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