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    Freddy Vs. Jason, Holy Macaroni!

    I heard about the movie being discussed for years now, but I didn't think filming had begun already. Well, go here to see some pictures and such if interested.
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    I'm not thrilled that they decided to ditch Kane Hodder and go a different direction with the Jason charecter. I'll probably go see, but they should have stuck with Kane. Especially since he's been trying to get the movie made for years.

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    From a fan's point of view, I can see being disappointed with him not playing Jason. Though I am sure the Jason character will appear to be like he always he is. I'm happy Freddy is still Freddy. It's like if they stopped using Doug Bradley for Hellraiser.
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    I dunno, I still think it was pretty crappy of them to get a new actor for the role. They said in one interview that they wanted to give him sad hound dog eyes. But it's not like Kane Hodder couldn't emote with his eyes.

    I know that he's not the only person to play Jason, and didn't originate the role. But he has played him 4 times, and put alot of hard work into getting the movie made.

    Travelling around at conventions, talking to fans, trying to get things going. And then to be stabbed in the back and replaced with a new actor. Besides, look at the picture of the new Jason. He looks chubby, for cripes sake.

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    Jason always appeared to be getting fatter as time progressed. I don't think it was right, for whatever reason, for him to be replaced. Have you heard about the situation with Hodder and the film makers? I have no idea, but do you know what happened for him to be replaced? Money problems? Or is their official reason because of the eye thing?
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    I don't know why they replaced him, but I heard that he was a bit upset about it. Nobody seems to be really answering why he was replaced. The only thing I have ever read was the fact that they wanted to change the charecter, including giving him more hound dog eyes. Maybe he was being difficult.

    They do mention on the Jason X DVD that he likes to offer his opinion on how Jason would do things. Which I don't think is wrong, since he knows the charecter so well. Maybe he didn't like the changes that they planned for the charecter, and instead of working it out with him, they just didn't accept him for the role.

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    I found a little something here, still looking for more...

    Added: Okay, here is a story reported a few days later about the situation with Kane:

    More added: So, here we have the first story reporting Kane to be in a Werewolf movie making his filming in the new movie impossible. But days later a representative for Kane says he is in negotiations for the part of Jason. But then we learn Kane is replaced with the stuntman Ken Kirzinger, who interestingly enough worked as a stuntman for Kane in Friday the 13th Part 8. More news as it becomes available.

    And here is more: Okay, here is a story with the director of the film, Ronny Yu. He discusses shooting multiple endings for this film (cool), his directing techniques, and a reason for Kane being replaced. He says New Line wanted a fresh look for Jason (BS). I'm wondering, how do you get a fresh look when the guy is wearing a mask? Anywho, the story in question is here
    Also of note, read the director's comments about humor in the movie. I'm scared to think what they may try.
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    I don't care if Kane isn't involved, I'll be seeing it for Robert Englund !

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    i'm not entirely familiar with both these characters, but dosen't freddy kruger exist in an alternate "dream" reality or something? is freddy going to be haunting jason's nightmares or something?

    at least this isn't as stupid an idea as batman vs. superman. i think conan o'brien summed up that one best by saying, "superman has SUPER powers, batman is just some nut in a costume!"

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    I don't know about the new actor, but as long as the movie will be kinda like the old NOES or FT13th movies, I'll be happy
    got about time to hear something new about this since it was planned for so long
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