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    Thumbs up Preview Figure Variation, Jango Fett

    Since I am only interested in the regular figures and do not wish to collect the variations/errors, I'd like to trade my AOTC Sneak Preview figure of the Jango Fett variation. The variation is where the back of his jetpack does not have the writing on it. On ebay and (though I know it's inflated at times) are selling it for around $35.00-$45.00. I just interested in a fair trade. I live in Colorado. So if anybody is at all interested, please respond back. I know I need a few things from the AOTC line. I also need the second wave of the Star Tours figures. Just a thought, so get back to me on this. . .

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    Thumbs up

    what do you need from the aotc line
    i have some extras,plmk Ken


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