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    Question for LOTR collectors !!

    I've just got hold of a FOTR LOTR fig.

    It's Elrond but on an Aragorn card.

    I can see that there is no way of opening and resealing without ripping the card, and I also bought it from a local TRU.

    Anybody have an idea on what it's worth ? as I know that SW figs packaged wrong can go for silly money.

    Any help would be great.
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    It is just an error. Not much extra value. Maybe 1 or 2 bucks. LOTR collectors don't seem to be as wild about errors as Star Wars collectors. The fact that it is an Elrond will make the value go up more than the error. Elrond is a little harder to find for some, but still pretty findable over all. I would guess no more than 15.00 + shipping costs. No more than US $20.00 total.

    (edit) - I just noticed you are in the UK. If it is a multi-lingual card, there ARE people who will pay extra for that. I would guess US $5.00
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    Darth Cruel pretty much summed it up. I'd hang onto it for a little while. You MIGHT make a few extra bucks if you sell it when the Lord of the Rings popularity goes up in December when the next movie comes out.
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    Cheers guys.

    It's on a US card, no sign of any foreign languages on it.

    Maybe I was assuming too much, as I know similar Star Wars errors have a high demand.

    I wasn't sure whether LOTR stuff has a similar appeal, but now my question has been answered.

    I found it on the shelves in my local(ish) TRU, and thought, "hey thats not right, I'll have that".

    I don't collect LOTR stuff, and was only having a look at the new TTT stuff, when I saw it, so I made an exception and bought it. Well for 7.99, it wasn't a bad buy.
    TK6540 of the UK Garrison

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    I don't know much about what errors are worth, but I do know that the Elrond toy is one of the better ones in the FOTR line, so open it. Its pretty fun.
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