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    I keep calling the Florida number...but to no avail. I heard wave 3 is being put on new blue "saga" cards, hence the delay.
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    I heard they were scraping the line. I thought it was listed somewhere here on SSG.
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    Apparently they're on hold not scrapped. Same with the second wave of cantina sets. Hasbro must have put a lot on hold while they worked out this deal with LFL. They must have had a reason along those lines for stalling everything late 2002 and early 2003 until February.

    So no new R5-D4 for a while yet. But frankly i can't see that many people would be buying the rest of the star tours figures for the figures themselves apart from R5-D4. Completists wil buy them all natch, but with two droids no-ones ever heard of in the wave it's like "yeah, whatever..."

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    Yeah and the set will look funny with 6 POTJ cards and 3 Saga's. You know EJ one of the other 2 droids is supposed to be a Droid from Jabba's Palace. It looks like 8D8, but with big bug eyes, so I think it will sell well to us OT lovers.
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    You Shouldn't believe everything that you read.
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    Well i was looking at the pics that people posted a while back and I tinkered around with that one from japan that looks like BG-J38 and although it's got a body similar i don't think it's gonna look the same. just have a similar feel - if they use that one. I suppose they would just recycle the *-D8 body and bung a new head on which is something i was going to customise myself, but if they do that i'll wait for it. i just wish someone would post some pics of the figures even in prototype stage so we could get an idea of what's on offer.
    And yeah it would be kinda dafty to change the cards for the final wave. The casual colectors would think it's something from one of the movies or something and the people who collect carded figures would be mad and then world war three really would erupt. It's sort of hartening i suppose with this extended license that although things might take longer to get released they stand a better chance of showing up sometime. Rather than work with a limited time span and have to cancel some planned stuff hasbro can now put more of the backburner stuff out in the quiet periods. Sort of cool really. Maybe they'll even get round to doing a 3ż scale starspeeder vehicle now. Just to finish of the set. I've never been to the Disney parks or taken the ride but the vehicle is kinda cool. We don't really have a passenger vehicle in the star wars line so the starspeeder would be a good place to get that done. And it fits in with the Coruscant and naboo vehicle designs from the prequel movies. Bonus.

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    Yeah and it could double as a case, oh wait, it would probably only hold 2 figures because of the CRAPPY gimmicks. Hasbro
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    You Shouldn't believe everything that you read.
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