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    53 7.75%
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    15 2.19%
  • No, but I want one

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    same problem blueswiz

    Yep, my cards were C7-8 at best. No creases, but a little banged up. Either they weren't packed well or the employees didn't care what happened to them once the shipping boxes were opened. I do believe the employees don't have much sympathy for collectors.

    Let me know if you're able to return the figures without the R2. I'd much rather buy the remaining figures I need at K Mart or Target where they are $3. I would have gotten a Land Speeder instead had TRU had any in stock.

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    I got three of them.

    I was the first in line at the TRU nearest to me. I had to go a little north of Pittsburgh (where I'm from) for some other business and stopped at two more TRU's to get more Silver R2's.

    I didn't think I'd get this fig but I like him. I'm also not a carded collector but will keep him as such. The other two are for members of my local fan club ( (for which I just became city rep and vice president of). They asked me ahead of time that if I went out would I get them one. Now I know some of you are wondering about the $60 I had to spend to get these guys...

    Let's just say that I finally got some things I had put on the back burner to buy at a later time. Well that time is here. I ended up getting 2 actionfleet AT-TE's for one, a droid blaster for another and: Watto, Lott Dod, Tusken w/massiff and another Anakin. Yeah I know the total was $19.98 before tax on the fist one and $19.96 for the last one but thankfully the TRU's didn't seem to mind or care.

    The first one I went to though tried to hand me one with a bent card and I respectfully asked for one with a nice unbent card. The asst. manager was there and was not going to allow me to have a different one. To which I quickly pointed out that I spend HUNDREDS of dollars throughout the year and help keep sales going so this was a simple request. I don't often squabble over the issue of card condition but in this case I made an exception and thankfully again the asst manager relented. I did hear him saying, on my way out the door, to his employees though that from now on whatever they give out is what the customer gets.

    Poor attitude considering it's mainly collectors who buy SW and keep the line going which in turn pays their (TRU's) wages. Indirectly of course, but still...
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    I'll admit I got two. I bought the landspeeder and the 12" Mace. The corner on one figure is buggered a bit but overall the cards on both are C8.

    I had no problem getting the figures. The manager was working the register and called over to the service desk for more figures.

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    I got two of them, and finally was able to get new figures that have been absent around here for far to long. Grabbed a Landspeeder for my first one. And then for the second I managed to grab Jango: Pilot, Lott Dod, Watto, and Tusken w/ Massiff for the other one. So all in all, a good day for Star Wars.

    Plus I went to the Wal-Mart near the TRU, and they had pegs full of CloneTrooper Pilots. So I snagged myself two of those as well. Patience truely is a virtue, as I was close to hitting Ebay for to get the figures that I needed. Now I just need to get lucky and snag an ERS (no goatee) and Ephant Mon.

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    Yeah. . . I was actually able to score three. I brought my Mom with me first thing Sunday, and bought the TRU X-Wing, and Gunship. After taken 4 minutes to purchase the vehicles we had to wait 45 minutes for someone to locate the R2-D2 figures (sounds like something shady was going on there. . .being that all other "freebies" were easily available on the floor, or at customer service.) What surprised me was that no one else was there getting the R2. . .the store was packed. . .but it was for the other promotions. The whole time I was there no one asked for the R2. I felt this was quite odd, since the TRU I went to is well known for scalpers, and is difficult to find anything at. One of the R2's was a little creased. . .but I'm over it. Later that day, my brother and I went to NY to see the Episode II IMAX version (my opinion is still up in the air), so I figured I would stop at the TImes Square TRU, to see if I could get the Landspeeder that my local store didn't have. Luckily, they had a handful, AND they still had some R2's. This was around a half-hour before closing, so I was pretty surprised. I guess Hasrbro kept true to their word, and provided enough R2's so that everyone will get one. It seems like Hasbro did a good job.
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    Originally posted by JarJarBinks
    Patience truely is a virtue, as I was close to hitting Ebay for to get the figures that I needed.
    You are SO RIGHT! Plus patience saves you ALL kinds of money

    My R2 experience was actually VERY fun. I met a fellow collector that I see around often and we waited in line and just talked about this and that, some others came in line that were there for star wars but didn't know about the R2 and were pleasantly surprised and thankful when we told them, so we all talked and when TRU opened, everyone was so cool and just calmly walked over to the SW section and we all found stuff for each other. Then the manager, who's also a fellow collector brought out 15 cases of figs and we all got plenty of clone pilots and shaven endor soldiers! He was SO cool and excited for us to get us all the things we wanted 'cept Ephant who they haven't gotten in yet, but that's alright, we'll all eventually get one! and they had the r2's hanging on pegs behind the registers and they were all in excellent condition! And the cashier was great too as she took extra care in putting the figures in the bag!
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    Just got my R2 -- He looks great!! Looks as good as the Vader. My package was VERY CLEAN !! The lady was very nice and got one with no damage and even placed it in a seperate bag so it would not get crushed. Now, I just have to get this one signed like I did with Vader...
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    Well I went yesterday to purchase my $20 worth of SW merchandise, this was at 2:45pm and the lady said they were SOLD OUT already. I believe that they were lying because it had looked like hardly anything had been bought from the SW section. Plus I find it hard to believe that they sold out THAT quickly. I asked her if I could get a raincheck for the R2 and she told me just to bring in my receipt later when they get more back in. I had better get one, and I hope that the TRU employees are not hoarding them, or else Hasbro will be getting a letter from me.

    Heck they said that everyone who wants one will get one, but they said that about the 25th anniversary Darth Vader and I never got mine. If this keeps up, I might just stop colleting SW and focus on the many other thing s I collect.
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    Thumbs up

    Hello everyone, my first post here (even though I've been a sirstevesguide reader since well before Phantom Menace came out). Hopefully many more to come!

    I got 2 silver R2's. I went today at lunch, my "work area" TRU still had lots in stock. The checkout guy know what I was talking about, and immediately called someone to bring some over to us.

    The first one he grabbed had a ding on the card, but before I could say anything he was grabbing another. For some mysterious reason he gave me two (I wasn't about to complain).

    I bought a Unleashed Vader (couldn't beleive that was on the shelf!), and a Obi-Wan Pilot figure to get them. It came to $19.98 before tax. I don't know why he gave me two, but he did!

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    I got one yesterday and another today!
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