View Poll Results: Did you get the TRU-exclusive silver anniversary R2-D2?

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  • Yes, I got it at a TRU store

    420 61.40%
  • Yes, I got it off the TRU website

    53 7.75%
  • Yes, I got it / plan to get it from another source

    15 2.19%
  • No, but I want one

    155 22.66%
  • No, Im not interested

    41 5.99%
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    Haven't bothered getting one. It sounds like a real hassle from all of the feedback. And the cards are what's the use anyway.

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    Well i voted yes, from another source. I mentioned it in the saga section but I got mine a week ago from R2DTOYS. less hassle. There was no reason for me to traipse all the way to TRU since they have nothing I require, and they won't be putting the thing out until next week here. So i just payed out for the one figure and recieved it all mint in a star case for the princely sum of 25. I call that equitable since it means R2DTOYS had gone to the trouble of aquiring them and also shoving the lovely mint figures into star cases. I don't keep mine carded which does on reflection seem to be a little bit wasteful but nonetheless i opened my R2 and have him with TC-14. I would have bought a second one but I'm hoping to snap up other stuff like the star tours figures so I've no need to waste money any more than i already have. I had a feeling that the TRU situation would not be run smoothly so why go through the hassle of it all? I have mine much earlier than the majority of the UK. I like the figure despite his disability. He's lovely and shiney. Thanks R2DTOYS

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    Is it just me or are the 3 TRU in my area the only ones who DIDN'T get enough? I didn't get mine because they supposedly sold out even though it didn't look like they sold that much SW merchandise. I hope they receive another shipment soon.
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    I was able to pick up a second one today from a different TRU. I went there before work and they had Unleashed Vader & Padme, so I figured what the hey! The guy ringing me up had forgot about it, but I asked and he said they had a couple left, then he brought out a basket with four or five in it and he let me go through them to find the best package.
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    Originally posted by SithDroid
    Is it just me or are the 3 TRU in my area the only ones who DIDN'T get enough? I didn't get mine because they supposedly sold out even though it didn't look like they sold that much SW merchandise. I hope they receive another shipment soon.
    Of course I can't know for sure what is going on at your store, but I had to pull out the ad and show the lady behind the counter what I was talking about. Press them a bit and I'll wager they'll "magically" come up with what you're looking for.

    Just once I'd like to deal with customer service that knows more about their products than I do. For instance, when I went to the IMAX AOTC last week, I asked for the Bantha Tracks. I got blank stares from 3 different employees. One of them got on the phone with a "manager" whom I could tell was making up a story. First he said that he didn't know what I was talking about. Then suddenly, his story changed and he claimed that they hadn't gotten any and expected them in by the middle of the week. My friend and I stopped to get a bite outside and ended up hanging out for about a half hour. As we were about to leave, I remembered that I wanted to get validation from the theater for my parking. Guess what was sitting on the counter when we walked back in? Freakin' morons. I'll accept an "I don't know what you're talking about" any day over being out and out lied to.

    Anyway, the moral of the story is don't trust employees to know any better. I got my R2 a few days after the initial release. The odds of your store "running out" seem pretty bad.

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    Silver R2-D2 Question?

    Hi: Star Wars Fans. 11/07/2002
    Yes I got Two of The This Past Weekend on Saturday. I see as well the legs are on Backwards! Man that is terrible.

    The Question Is has anyone opened this figure???

    If so did the Silver paint fall or come off of it?

    The Reason I ask this is i bought Two of the Silver Darth Vaders when they came out and Opened one of them and the Silver Paint came right off his Arm! The paint job was Terrible for sure on them as the Silver paint wipes right off! So did anyone Open the R2-D2 and Have this Problem with R2 as well???

    Please let me know? Thanks!

    Another Question has anyone that did open the R2-D2, did you try to take the legs off and put them on the Correct way??? Please let me know? Thanks!


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    I don't plan on getting one. It kinda looks neat, but it just doesn't do anything for me.

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    Just a FYI:
    As of yesterday, the TRU by my house still had some R2's. Looks like their still out there if anyone's still looking for one!

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    Well I haven't opened my R2's yet, but on one of them the blue paint is already peeling off the head. Looks like Hasbro didn't do proper testing of this little guy before shipping him to the public.
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    Dr. Zoltar, paint on top of chrome doesn't bond well, so that is a commen problem. That's why when things are commenly chromed, they mask off sections that will be painted later. I would suggest not handling the figures much, or your paint is going to slowly wear away.

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