View Poll Results: Did you get the TRU-exclusive silver anniversary R2-D2?

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  • Yes, I got it at a TRU store

    420 61.40%
  • Yes, I got it off the TRU website

    53 7.75%
  • Yes, I got it / plan to get it from another source

    15 2.19%
  • No, but I want one

    155 22.66%
  • No, Im not interested

    41 5.99%
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    Originally posted by Jabba's Hit Man
    I don't plan on getting one. It kinda looks neat, but it just doesn't do anything for me.

    Try sticking him down your pants!

    Uh, just kidding...

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    Got mine from TRU. He's neat, will look good next to Vader.

    I hope that TRU Time's Square has moved enough old stock with this promotion to get new stuff in. I have yet to even see a Tusken/Massiff or shaven Endor Trooper.
    Starcruiser... crash!

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    One of the probs with chrome paint is that if you touch it because it's non porous the grease from your fingers just sits there. If the factory making them just handled the heads the the heads will have grease spots that the paint won't adhere to. There's a couple of missed patches on mine where it looks like the paint just seperated because of a grease mark. No paint has flaked off mine and i've been handling him all week. I have'nt tried to correct his legs since cutting the plastic or trying to boil and pop or whatever will crack the paint and that would be a baaaaaaad thing to happen. To be honest i don't really see this as a problem. The chrome is so shiny it's hard to notice the defect in his legs. The only way to find out by looking at it is that he doesn't quite sit right on his feet and he'll occasionally tip forward if bumped. Or I should say mine does.

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    I got one at a store as well. I bought a bunch of Jedi to open. I just wish they would done this with the Darth Vader.

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    Silver R2 D2

    TRU has to be the worst store when its comes to a promo. I live in Olympia/Tacoma area of Washington state. I hit every TRU store in my area to collect up on a few R2's. Every store I went to was just clueless as to what was going on. The store in Olympia was guarding the figures like the soup nazi. The cashiers at the registers did not even mention anything about the figure after a 20 dollar purchase of star wars merchandise. In the end I was able to get 3 extra fiures free with my reciepts from the Olympia store. I do not feel bad about this due to the way TRU treats its customers.

    Wal Mart is the way to go for the next promo...

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    Silver R2-D2's in Tacoma

    1SG Fett,

    I know what you mean. The Tacoma Mall TRU was a disaster. The employees had no idea what was going on. My experience is listed earlier in the thread.

    I was able to get another one at the Lynnwood TRU who still had pleanty, but again, the only one who knew about the promotion was the floor manager. But she was kind enough to get me one that was at least a C9 grade. The Federal Way TRU has been pretty nice to me in the past as well.

    So how did you score the extra R2's?

    I've got mixed feelings about the people who returned the stuff they bought and were able to keep the free R2. But with the quality level of employees at some of these TRU stores, it doesn't surprise me that someone was able to return their stuff without being asked for the promo back.

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    Hey There,

    I was able to get four R2D2's off of one 20 dollar purchase.

    All I did was take my receipt to other TRU stores and say that I never got my free figure. Since no one has any idea on whats going on at these TRU's its easy to get more than one R2D2 on a single purchase.

    I was able to get crease free cards with no damage to the bubble.

    If you need a C 10 R2D2 let me know.

    Take care...

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    Congratulations, 1SG Fett!! You just won the "Complete lack of morals award" for this week. That was a pretty ignorent thing to do, effectivly screwing 3 people out of figures because you had to be greedy. And now your looking to sell or trade the figures that you technically stole.

    MTFBWY and HH!!

    Jar Jar Binks
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    AGENTS OF ATLAS - Returns in Early 2009.

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    Are you suprised?

    Guys like this show up all the time after these events. Bragging about how they got over on the system.

    These are the same guys who end up starting flame wars here on the boards. We've seen a bunch of these guys hitting the boards lately. They are easy enough to spot.

    They like to start arguements and then, when they get board, they usually split.

    Just ignore them and they will go away.

    BTW, this will be my only post on this matter.
    May the force be with you.

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    I know, but I don't want them to think that it was cool that they are greedy scalpers. Damn my moral side, it gets me in so much trouble sometimes. Besides, it's not always newbies that do this sort of thing. I've seen similar bragging from people that have been here a while. About returning the items they bought to get the R2-D2's.

    MTFBWY and HH!!

    Jar Jar Binks

    AGENTS OF ATLAS - Returns in Early 2009.


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