View Poll Results: Did you get the TRU-exclusive silver anniversary R2-D2?

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  • Yes, I got it at a TRU store

    420 61.40%
  • Yes, I got it off the TRU website

    53 7.75%
  • Yes, I got it / plan to get it from another source

    15 2.19%
  • No, but I want one

    155 22.66%
  • No, Im not interested

    41 5.99%
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    Did you get the TRU-exclusive silver anniversary R2-D2?

    R2-D2 is making the holiday season happen, once again!

    Another figure of the little droid is the chase-piece of the day - but this time quantities are supposed to be such that everyone who wants one will get one.

    "Do you?" and "Did you?"

    These are the topics of this poll.
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    I voted for "no, not interested" although I rather would've taken "still deciding" since I'm still not sure if I want one or not
    but I think it will end up that I won't get it
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    I got mine! My local TRU actually opened about five minutes early. For the last two years, there haven't been SW fans waiting outside TRU on a Saturday morning. There were about five of us this weekend.

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    I was excited about getting this figure. I got my R2 yesterday when I purchased the Landspeeder. Now that I have the R2, there really isn't anything that great about him. The card is kind of neat. I'm not really a carded collector, but I'm not going to open this one since I don't really have a use for it.

    I think I was just excited about getting this figure because I haven't made a Star Wars purchase since late Sept.
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    I was going to pick one up yesterday morning at my local TRU and what do know, I tripped on my shoelace , fell down my front stairs and whacked my skull on concrete or atleast that is what my neighbors told me because I was unconcious for 30 seconds. After a trip to the hospital and 8 stitches to my right temple I was pooped that wouldn't be to get a silver R2. Then.. low and behold somthing great would happen in the form a link..... yes it was the SSG latest news headlines informing me that I could by one from so i did.

    Thank you SirSteve
    have coming to this website for 5 or 6 years now and it is still the best there is.

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    Sad to say, I missed out in going to TRU this weekend. My wife and daughter were both deathly ill, or at least they acted like it, this weekend and I had to stay home and play nurse maid....

    By the time I could sneak away, TRU was closed for the day.

    Anyone think TRU's might still have any?
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    DAMN i Want one the web site is out will they have more soon??? there is no tru withih 2 hrs of here HELP!!!!
    Oh Crap!!!!

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    I'm with 187-Maul, still thinking about it. I got the silver Vader and there is nothing special about that one, so I'm not sure I want the silver R2.
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    Found one here in the Pacific Northwest. Only problem was the staff at the local TRU store was absolutely clueless about the promotion -- Even though there was signage up in the store. Bought my $20 worth of figures but at the checkout when I asked for my claim slip for the R2-D2 the cashier said she had no idea what I was talking about. She then directed me to the "R-Zone" where another associate had to radio the floor manager because he had no idea what was going on. I then received my figure only to be told that it had to be rung up with my purchases so I had to go to the return counter, return the figures I just purchased, and buy them again only with the R2. I asked the floor manager why none of the associates where educated about this promo and she said "Well I thought we were out of them."

    I really hate Hasbro for making certain figures available only at certain stores. It's bad enough dealing with idiots at Wal-Mart trying to get those exclusives.

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    Angry same problem

    i had the exact same problem as dr. zoltar. but what was even worse, there was a major crease and bend in the card. like huge! and i asked if i could get one in better shape and the guy was digging around the box and said that i had the best one. i was sooooo dissappointed all day. so i went to another tru and got one in better condition. and i had the same trouble there getting my figure as i did at the first tru i went to. so now i have two r2's and a bunch of figures i already had, so i'm going to return the figures and get my money back and keep my r2's. what an easy scam!


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