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    New Ninja Turtles Theme

    Have you heard this song for their new animated show? What the heck were they thinking?
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    What in the hizell are they thinking?!?!?!?!!? For the love of God, go back to the original theme!!!! When does this new cartoon premiere?!?!? I still wanna see it, the figures look very very good.
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    February 2003 on Fox Kids.
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    Here's pictures of what the characters look like:
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    You must be very excited for this show to premiere.
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    Well....that theme is stupid....but Christ.....the ORIGINAL was STUPID too....
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    Kids today are a lot more demanding than I was as a child. I remember being more than happy with "Thunder, Thunder, Thunder, Thunder, CATS!"
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    Pity Fox don't own Power Rangers anymore. They could have them team up with the Ninja Turtles again.
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    I will not ask how you know that, even though I know the answer already.
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    DUDE!!! That theme sucked. I could pull a better theme out of my ***.


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