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    Ontario Just Found...

    Niagara Region

    TRU (St. Cath.)- 1-2 Yodas, 1-2 Dookus, 1-2 Hanger Duels, a few Shaak Tiis, Luminaras, Taun We, only 1 Royal Guard, tons of other figures

    All Zellers- nothing exciting but male Jedi knights which seem to be a dime a dozen, except Niag. Falls had 6 Jangos for some reason

    Wal Mart (Welland Ave. St. Cath.)- lots of Taun We, few Royal Guards, 1 Luminara, lots of others, no Yoda, great selection however overall, lots of clone troopers as well

    Sears (Pen)- 5 Bobas, haven't seen them anywhere but here, 1 Jango, R2's, Tuskan, Shaak Ti, and the usual Peg Warmers like Battle Droid and 3PO

    Overall, Yoda seems to be the most elusive, I was lucky enough to snag one at Seaway mall Wal Mart but it was the last one. What have you guys found?

    Also, when is the new wave coming out? Will this be a limited wave, or a plentiful one? Anybody...

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    The new wave hopefully will hit stores on June7th and they consist the following (from what i was told) :

    Jango Fett (Final Battle)
    Mace Windu (Genosian Rescue)
    Bespin Luke
    Bespin Vadar

    As for Chewie, Han and the rest of the gang they will all be out by June 20th.
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    the final battle jango hasn't come out yet??i thought it came out with the first wave?.......anya have any luck with the sneak preview jango fett??can't seem to find that anywhere..thx..

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    The Final Battle Jango has not come out yet and concerning your the sneak preview Jango is limited so basically if you dont see it in stores chances are you wont see them anymore.

    I had the chance to pick it up but i gave up on it.
    "Necessity is the mother of invention" - MGS2

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    Just took a trip to TRU and Wal-Mart, you know for the "June 7th" wave, and there was nothing whatsoever. The Wal-Mart has next to no stock at all, TRU was loaded with the usual p-warmers. No Dookus, Yodas, Anakin HD, Royal Guard, Boba or Jango, everyone else in stock and in mass quantities. Looks like nothing new until at least next week. Kind of sucks when the U.S. are already getting Han and Chewie, and we yet have to see a freakin' Endor Rebel Soldier.

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    I know same with me i checked at locals stores nothing dammit.

    now im ****ed at Hasbro Canada.
    "Necessity is the mother of invention" - MGS2

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    You guys hear June 7th and rush out the same day? Chances are if they even made it to retailers yesterday, they're still either;

    a) On the truck.
    b) In the back room.
    c) Out the back door.

    I say they'll be trickling into stores (that require replenishment) within the next 10 days to 2 weeks. The only way to be sure is to check every day, multiple times (early morning and sometimes late afternoon are your best bet). That is the way to truly "hunt".

    In my experience there's such a thing as luck. I go once a week during the off time (just after a new wave up to 2-3 weeks etc.) Around a month or so after the waves hit the US they hit here, that's when I step up my store hopping to several times a week. It worked for me during POTJ and so far it's working for this line too. It helps if you know someone too.


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    actually in my previous experiences with TRU you can call them the day they get new shipments and just ask them to hold it for you and then you just go there and get it..not sure if this method holds true for walmart.....somehow i doubt it, but that's much easier than going on a wild goose chase in the hope that you'll find something...

    yah, waiting about 2-3 weeks after stuff is released in the states also works, but then again you're just relying on luck..once again, just goto a local comic book store......they put stuff on the shelves the second they get them and you don't have to worry about all thay mumbo jumbo...

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    I heard @ snowtroopers that the Orn Free Taa wave was just found at the Upper James Wal-Mart in Hamilton. They must be so close to being out everywhere, this is good news...

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    New Wave

    It's true. I went up there this afternoon and picked up Endor Soldier, Orn Fre Ta, Qui Gon, and Massif. There weren't many left when I was there(2pm) and I got the last Massif. Keep an eye out at your local Walmart. Happy hunting! $7.87 price rollback too!
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