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    1.5ghz p4, 512mb rambus ram, 64mb radeon sdr

    It's odd. Some people with lesser specs are getting much better frame rates.

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    Ok, I did it. I managed to bump up the resolution and turn on a few extras. Keep in mind it still looks no where near what it could.

    Here are two pictures I took:

    First Shot 99kb

    Second Shot 145kbs

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    Heh, all that looks nice in those is the skin texture on the guys arm.

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    UT2003 is better. It's a mute point though, my card isn't good enough to play either.

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    Originally posted by Boba Rhett
    YAY! Here are the least gory screenshots. Sorry that they don't look any better but I had to run the game at that size with 16bit color, only standard GL, No real time lighting or shadows and a ton of other cool things turned off. But it still looks good! Just imagine what it'd look like with all that cool stuff turned on. Oh! and with ATI's True-Form! Oh man... *drools* It looks about 10x better with that stuff.

    Check out my killer fps too.

    You think they're dead but when you turn around they start getting back up!

    Check out the glowing eyes....
    BR, if you don't mind me asking, how do you take screenshots?

    Currently I have a P4 2Gig, 512 MB, and I'm running two monitors. My AGP is an ATI All in Wonder 8500DV and the second is an ATI 7200 PCI. I'm using WinXP.

    Thanks for your help!

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    UT2003 better? Don't make a judgement before you play Doom3.

    The console commands are almost the same as the Q3 engines. Just bring down the console (~ key) then type:

    bind x screenshot

    x = any key you want.

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    Or hit printscreen and go into paint and hit paste. That works with anything, except for movies.

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    Yeah but then you can only get one at a time. D3 aint exactly stable yet so I don't recommend trying to Tab+Alt out.

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    Originally posted by Nexu
    Or hit printscreen and go into paint and hit paste. That works with anything, except for movies.
    I didn't understand the ~ instructions, but used the printscreen version. SWEET! Thanks. I've always wondered about that button up there. Didn't realize that it was a "copy" function or I would have tried pasting a lot earlier.

    Why doesn't it work with movies?


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