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    Question ATI leaked A Doom 3 Demo

    As I'm sure many of you know already, An early demo of DOOM III was leaked to the public by ATI and apparently, they also leaked a build of Unreal Warfare.

    My question is,

    If you were ATI, would you be sweating a little?

    Man I sure would be! Besides the obvious things, John Carmack(sp?) the dude who brought us the Doom games and will be bringing us DOOM III has(had?) a deal with ATI that DOOM III would be fully supportive of their video cards. Do you think that the leak will injure this agreement?

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    Not in the least. ATi leaked it yep, but there isn't going to ba a lawsuit over it, because, well, it sucks.

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    Eh? Sucks? What?

    Just because there's not a lawsuit doesn't mean they shouldn't be worried about other companies trusting them with their products and with iD fully supporting them.

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    The demo sucks. heh, someone was getting 12 FPS on a Radeon 7000, which isn't taht big of a suprise, but you need one helluva system to play it.
    It's too late for iD to back out, and team up with nVIDIA, although that would be ****ing sweet.

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    That doesn't mean the demo sucks. Not at all. This is the game as it was months ago. I mean, it's not even due out for over a year and it hasn't even been streamlined that much. I checked out the sound files and NONE of them are even compressed! That right there is a big slow down. That doesn't mean that we're not going to need a killer system to run it correctly when it does come out though but we were already told that by Carmack. Bye the time it comes out, tech will be up to specs.

    I'm only getting on average 0 to 3fps... But it's one ofthe coolest slideshows ever.

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    Yeah, just because your system can't run a game or there's no lawsuit or anything doesn't mean the game necessarily has to be bad.

    If tech isn't up to specs by the time it comes out, Rhett, I'll be kicking some booty.

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    Well, iD's attiude is, "The Graphics are photo quality, therefore the game kicks ***." Not true. This game had better live up to the legacy Doom II set.

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    I wanted to ask before I post these so...

    I took some screenshots that I now have uploaded but I don't know if it's allowed to post them and I don't want to do anything against the rules so could someone give me a yay or nay? (I'm betting nay though) Thanks.
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    YAY! Here are the least gory screenshots. Sorry that they don't look any better but I had to run the game at that size with 16bit color, only standard GL, No real time lighting or shadows and a ton of other cool things turned off. But it still looks good! Just imagine what it'd look like with all that cool stuff turned on. Oh! and with ATI's True-Form! Oh man... *drools* It looks about 10x better with that stuff.

    Check out my killer fps too.

    You think they're dead but when you turn around they start getting back up!

    Check out the glowing eyes....

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    Turn it all up. It will look nice, but will run at less than 1 fps, but who cares?
    i must admit, it looks nice. What are your specs?


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