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    Originally posted by mrmiller
    Wow Mandalorian Candidate, you sure are up on your John Cuzak (sp?) movies. How about-

    (Reek) Arooww. We come from the planet of the Toes, and I'm here to bring you Produce.

    One Crazy summer- when he is filming Bobcat's feet on the beach- c'mon MC, get it together. Another would be...

    Dooku: I see this cannot be solved by our knowledge of the force, but I know Dow...

    Yoda: What's Dow?

    Dooku: Dow is the chemical company that makes mace- followed by him spraying Yoda with a face-full of mace, or a clone of Mace Windu appearing from the shadows to duel Yoda. Actually now that I think about it, a Yoda vs. Mace clone would be pretty cool.


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    Taun We: "May I introduce Jedi...?"
    Obi-Wan: "I.C.U. Pee."
    Taun We: "...I See You Pee."
    Obi-Wan: "Hee hee!"

    Dexter: "They're cloners. Damn good cloners, too."
    Obi-Wan: "They wear red noses and wigs?"
    Dexter: "No; cloners, not clowners. You have much to learn of the listening Force."

    Alien Guy: "You wanna buy some Death Sticks?"
    Obi-Wan (waving hand in front of alien's face): "No, but I'll take them from you and then sell them right back to you."
    Alien Guy: "You wanna sell some Death Sticks?"
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    OBI-WAN: Do you know who it was you were trying to kill?
    ZAM: It was a senator from Naboo.
    OBI-WAN: Who hired you?
    ZAM: It's just a job.
    ANAKIN: Who hired you, tell us. TELL US NOW!
    ZAM: It was a bounty hunter called . . . Jango Fett. Hey look, there he is now!
    JANGO: Oh crap, I knew I should have gotten the saberdart shooter that was ten credits more! Oh wait . . .
    ANAKIN: GAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    During the Army Amendment Debate:

    MAS AMEDDA: But what Senator would have the courage to propose such an amendment?

    JAR JAR: I will propose the amendment.

    (Pause, then everyone bursts out laughing.)

    MACE: (Doubled over, clutching his stomach from laughing so hard) Oh... oh, that's great...

    PALPATINE: Oh, thank you Jar Jar, than was hilarious. Now seriously folks, who would have the courage to propose this amendment?

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    Just thought of another one...

    In the Cantina

    SLEAZEBAGANO: Wanna buy some death sticks?

    OBI WAN: Death sticks? What kind of idiot would be stupid enough to buy something called 'death sticks'?

    SLEAZEBAGANO: Hmm... good point. (Pause) Wanna buy some rat poison?

    OBI WAN: Well... sure, why not?


    SLEAZEBAGANO: Wanna buy some death sticks?

    OBI WAN: Death sticks? What kind of idiot would be stupid enough to buy something called 'death sticks'?

    SLEAZEBAGANO: Hmm... good point. (Turns to Rick McCallum, who's been flirting with some blue chick) Wanna buy some death sticks?

    McCALLUM: Death sticks? You bet!

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    Obi-Wan: "Without the clone army, this would not have been a victory."
    Yoda: "Yeah..."
    Mace: "Aren't you supposed to disagree with him or something?"
    Yoda: "Yeah..."
    Mace: "Hello?!?"
    Yoda: "Uh... wanna buy some Death Sticks?"
    Obi-Wan: "Sad..."

    Owen: "And this is my girlfriend, Beru Whitesun."
    Beru: "Like, oh my Maker! I am all like SO stoked to meet you and stuff! We could like tell boy stories and braid each other's hair and all. This is such a lame-o desert world. Like nothing cool to do, whatever! Check you later!"
    Padme: "Uh..."
    "I went to Star Wars Celebration VII in Anaheim, and I didn't get even a lousy t-shirt."

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    SLEAZEBAGANO: Wanna buy some death sticks?

    OBI WAN: Are they Mint in the Box?
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    Thumbs up

    The Death Sticks scenes are the funniest! Props to all the creative people out there!

    Obi-Wan: "You look tired."
    Anakin: "I don't sleep well."
    Obi-Wan: "Have you tried counting sitting ducks?"
    Anakin: "Yippee!"

    Dooku: "It appears this will not end with our knowledge of the Force, but with thumb wrestling."
    Yoda: "One, two, three, four. Begun, has this thumb war."

    Palpatine: "I love the Republic. I love democracy."
    Freshman Senator: "Then why don't you marry it?!"
    "I went to Star Wars Celebration VII in Anaheim, and I didn't get even a lousy t-shirt."

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    Anakin: I killed them...They're dead, ev...
    Padme: Well, obviously.
    Anakin: What's obvious?
    Padme: That they're dead. I mean, you DID say you killed them.
    Anakin: Yeah, so?
    Padme: "So"?!? Well, if you said you killed them I think I'd know that they are dead.
    Anakin: Why do you care?
    Padme: Well, you don't need to add that, that's all I'm saying.
    Anakin: Did my saying they're dead REALLY bother you that badly?
    Padme: No! It just...
    Anakin: Then why in the Hell are you complaining?
    Padme: Ok, it did bother me! But you know what? You shouldn't have killed them anyway! You already got your mom's corpse, why did you need to kill them?
    Anakin: I don't need to take this kind of sass from you, tree hugger!
    Padme: "Tree hugger"? Is that the best you can come up with?
    Anakin: You've quoted me twice. Can't you think of anything on your own?
    Padme: At least I don't have to tell people that "They're dead" after I said "I killed them"!
    Anakin: Ha! You did it again!
    Padme: **** you Anakin!
    Anakin: This sounds like an Osbournes rerun!
    Padme: At least Ozzy has the mental capacity to understand that people know that something's dead once he kills it!
    Anakin: At least Sharon knows that it's dead without Ozzy explaining it to her!
    Padme: I do!
    Anakin: Do what?
    Padme: KNOW THEY'RE DEAD, DUMB@**!!!!!
    Anakin: Hey hey hey, I don't need to take that kind of sass from you, woman!
    Padme: Sass? God you're a retard...
    Anakin: Quit backsassing me!
    Padme: I didn't! I just called you a retard, because that is what you are!
    Anakin: That is backsass!
    Padme: **** you!
    Anakin: You said that already! I hope you die in Episode III.
    Padme: I hope you get electrocuted by a dirty old pervert...guy!
    Anakin: That's the best you can come up with?!? I guess this is why Luke becomes such a dumb@**.
    Padme: Luke hasn't even been born yet! If he was, you'd probably just kill him and make him dead anyway!
    Anakin: Oh, I'll make someone dead alright...
    Padme: Yeah, the poor Tusken babies!
    Anakin: They're already dead! Their festering corpses are rotting in the suns!
    Padme: Anakin, you ****.
    Anakin: No, that's your mom.
    Padme: That's your dad!
    Anakin: Ha! I don't have a dad! What now, ****?
    Padme: Yeah, you probably killed him too.
    Anakn: From the womb?
    Padme: No, he knew what a crackhead his son was going to be and he died of disappointment!
    Anakin: Oooh...Good one! Think that up all by yourself?
    Padme: Maybe! At least I don't say "They're dead" after I kill them!
    Anakin: You're quoting me again!
    Padme: Go to Hell.
    Anakin: I'll see your fat @** there!
    -THE END-
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    Originally posted by Darth Sidious
    Anakin: I killed them...They're dead, ev...
    That sh#@ it great!


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