- Nightclub -

Mouse - "Wanna buy some death sticks?"

Obi - "You take republic diateries?"

Mouse - "I'd rather have cash.."

Obi - "All I have are these credits ( waves hand ) but they will do fine"

Mouse - "um, no... only cash, these are quality death sticks, imported straight from Kashyyyk.. these are uncut bro.."

Obi - "mmm.. hang on.. ( yells ) ANAKIN!"

Ani - "yes master?"

Obi - "spot me a 20.."

Ani - "All I have are these credits master.. "

Obi - "Damn these credits!! can't we possibly have ONE DECENT transaction using these credits! "

Ani - "Master, shouldnt we be looking for the changling?"

Obi - "later, I'm about to score some death sticks.. go find her and see if she wants to party.."