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    - Nightclub -

    Mouse - "Wanna buy some death sticks?"

    Obi - "You take republic diateries?"

    Mouse - "I'd rather have cash.."

    Obi - "All I have are these credits ( waves hand ) but they will do fine"

    Mouse - "um, no... only cash, these are quality death sticks, imported straight from Kashyyyk.. these are uncut bro.."

    Obi - "mmm.. hang on.. ( yells ) ANAKIN!"

    Ani - "yes master?"

    Obi - "spot me a 20.."

    Ani - "All I have are these credits master.. "

    Obi - "Damn these credits!! can't we possibly have ONE DECENT transaction using these credits! "

    Ani - "Master, shouldnt we be looking for the changling?"

    Obi - "later, I'm about to score some death sticks.. go find her and see if she wants to party.."
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    Where "text" & "friend" are (n) & "fail" is (v)
    Obi-Wan: "That's why I'm here."
    Lama Su: "You sound confused, Master Jedi. I didn't get to be Prime Minister by being foolish. Tell me why you really here."
    Obi-Wan: "I'm here like I'm supposed to be. To do, the things I am required to do. Like you said. And because it was the right thing to do, and the right time."
    Lama Su: "This isn't a history class where you bluff your way through. Taun We, remove this imposter from the city!"
    Taun We: "Yes, your honor."
    (Later, outside on landing platform)
    Obi-Wan (on comlink): "Master Yoda, Master Windu."
    Yoda: "Report, Master Obi-Wan. Find you did, what you sought?"
    Obi-Wan: "Uh, yes. There are many things here, important things. Things that I was looking for, and that I found. Like you said."
    Mace: "What are you talking about? Stop being vague."
    Yoda: "Like a Padawan who did not study for The Trials, you seem."
    Obi-Wan: "No, no! I studied! All night!"
    Mace: "Oh, man. We be in big trouble now!"
    Yoda: "Yes. Yes we are. Send the droids."
    "I went to Star Wars Celebration VII in Anaheim, and I didn't get even a lousy t-shirt."

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    Jar Jar: Weesa be robbed and crunched.
    Qui-Gon: Oooh, kinky!

    Anakin: I think he's a "she," and a changeling.
    Obi-Wan: Are we even try to stick with "plausible" anymore?

    Anakin: Mom, you always tell me--
    Shmi: Shut up, Anakin. Be right back--I have to take a dump.

    Vader: You are a part of the Rebel Alliance and a traitor! Take her away!
    Leia: Go %^&* yourself.

    Tusken Raider: Hey, Anakin, your mom was great last night! Wait, what are you doing? I was only kidding! We never laid a hand on her! Why the hell are you killing little kids? You #$%hole!! I'm calling the cops! I mean it. They're gonna be here any--URK!
    Tommy, close your eyes.

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    Where "text" & "friend" are (n) & "fail" is (v)
    [interior of Star Destroyer, over Tatooine]
    Officer: "Hold your fire. There's no lifefo-"
    Gunner [pressing trigger button]: "What was that?"

    Luke: "Uncle Owen! This R2 unit has a bad motivator. Look!"
    Owen: "Oh well. Buyer beware. You fix the red one."

    Vader: "Join me, and we can rule the galaxy as father and son."
    Luke: "Whatever gets me off this dangling ledge! Sure, help me up!"

    Yoda: "Luke... there is..., Skywalk..."
    Luke: "Anakin? Yeah, I know, you told me already. Some help you were."

    Pod race official: "I'm sorry, son. You didn't come to qualifying. We haven't checked your pod for proper schematics. You aren't part of the racers' guild. You can't race today; maybe next Boota."

    Anakin: "Who hired you?"
    Zam: "Boba's... dad..." [dies]
    Obi-Wan: "Huh? Who?"
    Anakin: "I doubt the Archives will help us much."
    Obi-Wan: "I feel as if a million troops suddenly cheered. I fear something anticlimatic has happened."

    Anakin: "Is it possible to learn this power?"
    Palpatine: "First, there is an old VHS, maybe a laser disc. Then there will be a DVD version, but it will omit some key parts. Wait a few years for the Blu-Ray, but it won't include the original release. Likely, another one will come out, just before a major holiday."
    Anakin: "Uh..."
    "I went to Star Wars Celebration VII in Anaheim, and I didn't get even a lousy t-shirt."

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    Where "text" & "friend" are (n) & "fail" is (v)
    Leia: "You came in that thing? You're braver than I thought."
    Han: "You know, your words have been hurtful. My mom always said, if you don't have anything nice to say..."

    Vader: "By any means necessary. No disintegrations."
    Fett: "And when has there been any evidence of me disintegrating anything?"
    Dengar: "How about the storyline's continuity?"

    Yoda: "When gone am I... the last of the Jedi... you shall be."
    Luke: "That's unlikely. Over the whole galaxy, killing every single Jedi? I mean, I'm sure there will be Jedi popping up here and there, if the story needs a plot device. I don't believe that for a second."
    Yoda: "Too old... for this poodoo... Am I getting..."

    Queen Amidala: "It deserves our gratitude. What is its name?"
    Panaka: "Uh, your majesty. I don't want to look at the equivalent of a droid's underwear to check. How 'bout I call him 'CU-L8R'?"

    Obi-Wan: "You look tired."
    Anakin: "I don't sleep well anymore."
    Obi-Wan: "That's a symptom of depression or repressed desires and tension. I suggest medication with warm blue milk. I mean, happy and energetic milk! "
    Anakin: "NOW I am depressed."

    Grievous: "I have been trained in your Jedi arts by Count Dooku."
    Obi-Wan: "Did he show you how to blend watercolors? Or make shading with cross hatch? May fave was double-exposure photography! "
    Grievous: "No. I just drew Tippy the Turtle and won a prize."
    "I went to Star Wars Celebration VII in Anaheim, and I didn't get even a lousy t-shirt."


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