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Thread: dagobah X-wing

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    dagobah X-wing

    Am I right in thinking the SAGA X-wing is just a re-paint of the force f/x X-wing. If so does anyone have it and is it really different enough for me to warrant paying 50 ($75) for.

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    Nope, it IS based on the same mould, but you can remove and replace the pilot and astromech and fit the 'camping utensils' behind the pilot's seat.
    The Force F/X X-Wing had an integrated Luke pilot & R2 with levers to move these 2 heads and the pilot's targeting-scope. I think it has electronics too, which the new version lacks.

    I paid about 50 for mine and I'm happy with it - it's much better than the POTF2 version!
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    Wink Dagobah vs Power FX

    I have both versions. I prefer the Power FX one, the electronics are awesome (lighted engines, lighted visor, lighted R2, lots of sounds) and the paintjob is not really amazing on the Dagobah version (too much black on the engines...). Overall the ship in itself has correct proportions and is accurate. It's a good opportunity to buy an FX on Ebay, there are plenty for sale for a pricepoint of $20 - $35 (this ship was sold for $65 at Targets in 1997 !).

    Funny :

    Take a closer look at the X-Wing pictured at the back of the Saga box : the wings are assembled to back...

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    I prefer the TRU version over the P F/X version because you can use it with your figures!
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    Damn Saga version is $50 + here in Canada. Between one of these, and 2 Republic Gunships (69.99 ea).....god .....

    Still..I prefer the look of the saga x wing over the power fx....

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    I prefer the SAGA X-Wing more because you can put other droids in it and other pilots as well. It's more fun to play with I think.
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    Not to mention about three pounds lighter. Try flying the FX version round and you nearly rupture your wrist ligaments. The saga version is light as air in comparison. I prefer the FX version paint deco but the playability factor of the saga one is much better. The sounds on the FX version are really cool though since they don't spound like Stephen hawking and they actually are discernable. It took me a few tries to actually figure out how to get all of the sounds to work because one of the activators was too stiff but once you get it going it's got tons of sound bites and sound effects. the box says it's got twelve or something but if you break it down there's more. As far as voice chips go there's only the AT-AT that comes close for fun value.
    Buy both, leave the FX version displayed on a shelf and play with the SAGA version. I payed roughly 50 for each of mine. I think both are well worth it although I wish the prices had been lower and they were more widely available. I wouldn't mind getting a second Saga x-wing to customise.

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    Do you have your commtech reader handy and a handful of episode one figures...... Palpatine sounds suspiciously Hawking like if you ask me. Especially if you place the commtech reader on a hard surface. The way to get the chips to sound reasonable is to place the reader on a cushion to muffle the tinniness of the awful speaker they put into the thing.

    EDIT* palpatine? I meant Darth Sidious.
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    damn....never bothered with the reader....


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