I was at my local walmart in portsmouth ohio during the night. They had tons of unopened boxes, and you could deffinately tell they had gotten rid of many of the figures that have been out so long. So I came back early the next day.
and finally, my wal mart had something
they had 4 Lott Dodds, 6 of padme in disguise, tons of tatooine anakins, 4 darth maul sith training, 3 gunshipe pilot clone troopers, 2 tusken raiders w/ massif, 1 ki adi mundi, 1 yoda, 1 count dooku, 1 endor soldier w/no beard, and 1 jango fett pilot.
i couldnt find a destroyer droid or ehpant mon. but I was pretty happy. I got what I needed out of those figures yesterday. They are all gon today. all they have left is starfighter obi wans, dexters, tatooine anakins, and final battle jango fett
it was cool to finally seee somethin new