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    Talking Darth Sidious's COMPLETELY random figure reviews!

    I decided to review completely random figures, ships, beasts, etc. from any assortment. Also, you will notice, these occur at completely random times. I may review two items in one day, or it might be weeks before I review another figure. RANDOMNESS! Also, these are figures and the like that I have, so I can make a more accurate review. So the first item is...
    The Bantha w/ Tusken Raider! (Wow, that really is random...)

    Detail: The detail on the Bantha varies, in my opinion. There is a ton of detail on the horns, such as grooves and chips and brown dirtyish stuff in the grooves of the horns. They curl nicely and the paint is pretty dead on. The eyes, lips, and feet are all pretty good, although I feel the feet and maybe the lips could use a bit more texturing. The hair is...well...the hair. Nice color and stuff. The saddle has all of the tusken essentials, but I feel it could use a bit of dust for a weathered look. The Tusken's upper body is average/above average, but his head could use a bit of work. It would be a lot better if it looked like the Tusken w/ Massiff's head. The legs...well...They're not good, unless he is just riding. The soft goods are cool, but they could be a bit darker and weathered. They're not exactly realistic.

    Likeness: Right on! (With the Bantha at least) Like I said, the horns and hair and saddle are all really cool, it looks like it came straight from the movie. Could have used a bit of weathering, but hey, I can live with it. The Tusken, however, looks a bit too clean...The soft goods sort of detract from him, but I know they are necessary for him to ride the Bantha so it's cool.

    Articulation: Not much in the Bantha, but hey, how much do you need with him! The legs are articulated, but I haven't felt the need to move them yet. The tail tip is also articulated, although I really don't know why. The best part-The horns are articulated! This is cool, because if you have a bunch of Banthi (Plural ) you can make them look different from one another. The Tusken has the standard points of that time, and knee articulation for riding. It's ok.

    Accessories: I don't count the Tusken as an accessory. But he DOES have a Gaffi, which is standard. No complaints with that.

    Miscellaneous: Mine has been loose for a LONG time, so I will try to remember what I can about the packaging. The window box is great, you can see and feel the Bantha inside, and you can also see the background. This allows for a really neat effect. The pack-in is not good by basic figure standards (It won't stand at all), but it is fine for a pack-in. It could be better, but it could be a lot worse. The playability is good, it's a nice sturdy beast, but the Tusken falls off extremely easily if you remove the clear rubber band that secured him.

    OVERALL: I give the Bantha a 9.75/10. The pack-in gets a 6.5/10. I'm not taking an average here, I am telling you how I think the Tusken and the Bantha look together. So altogether they get a 9.5/10. It's really great, hopefully nobody missed out on this! I hope you all enjoyed this review, and will continue to do so.

    (By the way, that was my first review, I hope it didn't suck too badly...)
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    I still need it! Thanks for reminding me!
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    I'm glad I reminded you, you wont regret buying it, I promise!
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    A firend had one going for 25 and I didn't have the cash. It was the last one I saw on Uk Ebay.
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    If you fancy a trip to B'ham Memorabilia is on at the NEC next weekend. U may pick one up there, usually there's a fair selection of dealers.

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    I saw one at a comicbook/poster shop near me. They wanted $45 for it. It's a nice piece!
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