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    I WANT FIGURES And i'm new lol

    Hey every one,

    I'm new and I just wanted to say Hi. There is something I have a problem with. I've been reading forums and news releases and Q's and A's, but... Every one says that they either don't care about having no mini figs or it's because of the " Detail". Look im a young teen and I wanted to admit that I still like pulling theses Af out and play with them. yes play with them. When I purchased the solar sailer and the AT-Te I was dissapointed to find the cockpit of the AT-Te to small to hold an old AF fig and the solar sailer to not open at all. Who cares if it has one more laser burnt- I want landing gear and I want figs- Who else is with me?


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    Although, I'm 25. I'm with you. I want mini-figs with my AF. I love going into the back yard, with my son. And play with the AF ships and playsets.

    And Welcome
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    mini fig

    Thanks jangu fett for being my first reply. I am so glad some one shares my opinion. I bet your kids would rather have two clone troopers then " dirty" Detail- Hasbro come on! Galoob had it under control. If the republic gunship is small and doesn't fit any troops... O Man


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    Heck, right now both Luke, and myself will settle for 1 Clone Trooper. But we both are dying for a mini Jango Fett.

    Luke put it perfectly when he first seen the new X-Wing. "It can't fly with no little man. It's not a robot."

    Your welcome. And thank you, I was wondering if anyone else shared my passion for the figs.
    "I'm a simple man, trying to make my way in the universe." - Jango Fett


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    Mini figs

    When I saw the minifig-less AF, I wanted to scream. The only size of mini fig that could fit in the AT-TE would be the little little guys from the Ban Dai Af type ship from Final fantasy- Ru fimiliar with that one- I like to collect anything that is mini that could fit with the Af- I bought Matchbox mega rig ( I REALLY REALLY Like) You can take them apart and mix and match and they are to scale with AF- Matchbox mission bravo- Which is military mini- And that Ban Dai ship- Maybe you should check out the mega- rig for your son- There are quit a few up on ebay- just search mega-rig

    I like to hear back from you


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    Hi Neonblade,

    Welcome aboard.
    I agree with you : I want more and more mini-figs !!! I want my figures packs !

    The Republic Gunship will surely be a best-seller.

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    welcome neonblade!

    when the episode I vehicles were released, i was livid in that they were only including one figure. this most annoys me with the series alpha droid fighter. i've put a regular battle droid into the 2nd cockpit, but it just doesn't look right. i really want a snd proto droid to man the other controls....oh well.

    what made the action fleet line so fabulous was not only the ships themselves, but the detail and playabillity of the small figures. my son and i love setting up all the action fleet playsets, and spending hours getting all the little figures into just the right position.

    i'm truely hoping that we get a battle pack containing at least 5 (hopefully more) clone troopers. i can't tell you how many battle packs and mini-scenes i've purchaed in the past, just to acquire a decent sized storm trooper brigade, gungan army, and battle droid squads. i would gladly do the same in order to have a sizable clone army.

    the cool thing about action fleet, is that they scream to be played with from the moment you see them on the shelf at the toy store. these toys are not meant to be put on shelf to just be looked at. they were designed from the start to be opened, and interact with the entire micro machines line of toys.

    hasbro's decision to not include any figures with the new release of the action fleet line, hurts the over-all appeal of the action fleet franchise.

    once again, welcome neonblade to the mm section of ssg. it's always a pleasure to welcome new members!

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    something just struck me, in the past we have cataloged all the ships and their varients here at ssg, however, i don't think anyone has done a full inventory yet of all the figures.

    folks over at the potwhatever sections have been complaining for years that they never get the lesser known figures that they want. i can't think of anyone who has been omitted in the action fleet line. i think they have made a figure in some form or another of every character that has ever graced the star wars screen. i could be wrong.

    i'll start to compile a figure inventory list, if anyone has already started one, and it's in easy postable form, please post it, and we'll see if we can put together a full complete list.
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    Mmmmh there are just one of the Tonnika sisters : Brea Tonnika.
    The curious thing is that Hasbro never made 3,3/4" figures of the Tonnika sisters because of a juridic contract problem. The two actresses nevers signed anything concerning toys or other merchandising in 1976. It's very interesting to have this tiny figure who shouldn't exist, even in the Action Fleet line. That's why for the moment it seems we will not see any other figure of a Tonnika sister... (I didn't remember if there are two N in the name...).

    Nothing to do with SW but I bought recently the two Heads playsets "Predator" & "Alien". They are part of the MM line but the figures (Dutch & Predator) and (Parker and Dallas with a very cool translucent helmet) are typically Action Fleet figures... They are bigger in size than the figures from the MM blisters.
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    Smile MM and AF figures list

    Hi gsj,
    after the work on the MM and AF vehicles list we did together some time ago, I actually started a MM and AF figures list together with ARTOO.
    Unfortunately it is a long time but I still have to finish the first draft (and ARTOO disappeared from the forums). Anyway I still have the willingness to complete the work.

    In the format I am using the key is the character, and associated to each character there is a list of all his/her different versions included in the figure collections or the playsets.
    If you are patient I can send you my draft version when it is ready.



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