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    Pac Man The Movie

    Pac-Man Fever
    It's drivin' me crazy. Pac-Man is headed for a theater near you!

    November 05, 2002 - According to today's Hollywood Reporter, Crystal Sky Entertainment and Japanese distributor Gaga (the two companies linked to the live-action Tekken movie) have gobbled up the movie rights to the videogame that started it all, Pac-Man. The trade reports that the companies recently worked out a deal with developer Namco to create a "live-action fantasy adventure" based on the game. What exactly they mean by "live-action," I'm not sure but that could be really interesting (and/or disastrous). No writer or director is attached to the project at this time.

    Crystal Sky's president Steven Paul enthused, "There is no other game title bigger than Pac-Man. From children to their parents, Pac-Man is a name everyone knows and loves."

    Pac-Man, the game, was originally released in 1980 by Midway. The yellow, pie-shaped character runs around a maze eating pellets while evading four ghosts: Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde. When he eats a power pellet the ghosts turn blue and, for a few seconds, he can eat them. Oh, what fun! The simple game was expanded upon in a number of sequels including Ms. Pac-Man, Super Pac-Man, Jr. Pac-Man and Pac-Land. The latter was largely based on the Pac-Man cartoon by Hanna-Barbera. The Saturday morning show chronicled the adventures of the classic videogame character and his family.

    -- Brian Linder
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    For the love of god, nooooooooooooooo. How can you make a live action Pac-Man movie? Why not just do a movie based on the very first video game instead. "Pong: The Movie". This is gonna suck harder then the crappy "Super Mario Bros." movie. Somebody shoot me. *THUD*

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    Well....pong might work....I mean is a metaphor for life

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    Yeah, this will be dumb.

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    I know something that sucked harder than the Mario Bros. movie. The other video game movie based on brothers Jimmy and Billy! Double Dragon!
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    Pac Man the movie??? Oh please? Are you serious? What? Waste of money? Hummmm...
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    I wouldn't lie about this Oscar contender of a movie, Silas.
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    Ewww, Double Dragon: The Movie. Thanks for bringing up that nightmare of a movie. I may have to sleep with the lights on tonight.

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    Don't forget that gem of a movie, Street Fighter. Raul Julia, what the hell were you on? I can understand the other actors (Word Is Being Used Loosely) starring in it, but not you.
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    The Pac-man cartoon and trading cards back in the 80s were terrible, why would they make a movie about a game that hasn't been popular in almost 20 years?

    we even had the pac-man board game
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